“The Real Obama” – Kevin Jennings the Safe Schools Czar

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Sean Hannity says Obama’s former “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings is the most dangerous man in America.

LMAO! Democrat Tamara Holder Says Mitt Romney Is ‘Borderline Brain-Dead’

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Here’s more of that new tone we were promised. When backed into a corner because she couldn’t think of one thing that has improved under Obama, Democrat strategist Tamara Holder told Hannity that Mitt Romney is “borderline brain-dead”. Nice.

You’ve got to love Michelle Malkin’s facial expressions during this exchange.

Michelle Malkin’s Advice to Mitt Romney: “Quit Calling Obama ‘A Nice Man’ …He’s Not”

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Michelle Malkin was in rare form last night on Hannity. The best selling author and blogger offered Mitt Romney some free advice, “Quit calling Obama a ‘nice guy’ …He’s not.”

Video: Beckel drops the F-bomb on live tv

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Beckel who is a Kool-aid drinking die hard Obama defender has exploded before in defending the Solyndra solar campaign slush fund. Here he curses the female Tea Party part of Hannity’s panel with an F bomb when she says Headstart is a failed liberal program. To paraphrase the famous words of Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” liberals can’t handle the truth.

Beckel was caught up in an extortion and sex scandal in 2009.

Oliver North is TICKED over Obama leaking Israel secrets to Iran

Sean Hannity talks with Oliver North about how the asshole Obama administration will do ANYTHING to win re-election, even disclosing TOP SECRET information to his Muslim brothers in Iran about Israel plans to take out Iran’s nukes.

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It Just Gets Better and Better: Hannity hints he has ‘inside information’ on Media Matters from WH Source

By Jeff Poor - The Daily Caller

On his Wednesday radio show, Sean Hannity, host of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” hinted at the possibility that he has knowledge of left-wing activist organization Media Matters dealing with the Obama White House.

Read more & Listen to audio cliphttp://dailycaller.com/2012/04/04/hannity-hints-he-has-inside-information-on-media-matters-from-wh-source/#ixzz1r7NSsiDn