Obama: ‘Wild-Eyed Socialist Ronald Reagan’ Supported Buffett Rule

The only “wild-eyed” person I see is the dude on the left.  :P

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During the WH Press Briefing Jay Carney claims that Obama never argued that Buffett Tax would solve our debt issue. (April 11, 2012)

President Reagan’s Radio Address to the Nation on the Observance of Easter and Passover – 04/02/83

President Reagan’s Radio Address to the Nation on the Observance of Easter and Passover on April 2, 1983.

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MUST SEE VIDEO! Fight for Freedom

In 2010, the Tea Party movement struck a history-changing blow to the Washington Establishment by working to elect limited government, constitutional conservatives. But if you listen to the media, conservatives are fading everywhere from Congress to the campaign trail.

Nothing could be further from the truth; the strength of conservative principles continues to endure and thrive. In the months since, the protected classes in the American political system – Big Wall Street, Big Government, Big Labor and Big Business – are coming under increasing scrutiny.

There is an awakening across the country, and the fight is on to return power to individuals and localities, empower individuals and unleash America’s entrepreneurial spirit. As Ronald Reagan said, “we’re not, as some would have us believe, doomed to an inevitable decline.”

*Heritage Foundation

Ronald Reagan’s 1981 speech about path to economic recovery

Obama… take notes from a REAL United States President!!!

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The President’s News Conference on November 10, 1981.

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Song: How’s That Workin’ Out For You? Featuring Obama and Reagan

Hat Tip to United to Save America

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Orly Taitz for US Senate 2012

Hat Tip to Al D.

Dear American,

Do you remember when Ronald Reagan was Governor of California?

A lot has changed since then, especially the type of leaders representing California in Congress.

This November, liberal Senator Diane Feinstein is up for re-election and Republicans are looking for a conservative leader willing to give voters a real choice.

Hi, this is Dr. Orly Taitz, and I am a conservative Republican running for U.S. Senate in California.

I was born in the Soviet Union , and I witnessed firsthand the effects of left-wing totalitarianism.

Those experiences have motivated me to always seek truth and justice.

When rumors circulated that Barack Obama was not a U.S. citizen, I led the legal team who investigated his birth certificate.

While Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein and their crony’s don’t care about the U.S. Constitution, I know firsthand why it’s important for a country to respect the rule of law.

Will you join me in helping defeat Senator Feinstein? Your generous donation of $50, $100, or even $250 will do a great deal to help my campaign.

You can count on me to be a Reagan conservative who will always dig deeper to find the truth.


Dr. Orly Taitz

Happy 101st Birthday President Reagan

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Michael Reagan on Fox News’ Cavuto to talk about his Dad’s legacy. During the interview he gives a shout-out to the Reagan Ranch’s party that he spoke to afterwards. For your viewing pleasure, we also threw in some epic Reagan highlights at the end.

Nancy Reagan 1995: Ronnie turned the torch over to Newt Gingrich

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There is something truly obscene about the full blown assault on Newt Gingrich’s strong Reagan conservative history from and on behalf of Mitt Romney, who unabashedly ran away from the Reagan legacy and conservative principles in his 1994 Senate campaign and 2002 gubernatorial campaign. Truly obscene.

The latest iteration comes from Elliott Abrams writing in National Review, quoting pieces of a single speech Newt apparently gave on the floor of the House on March 21, 1986, in which Newt criticized certain foreign policy decisions of the Reagan administration. Abrams does not link to the full speech or to other speeches of Newt at the time.

Instead much of the anti-Newt conservative media — including a screaming Drudge banner — accuses Newt of “insulting” Reagan.  It is part of a smear campaign which started when Newt surged in Iowa and National Review unloaded with it’s infamous “Marvin the Maritan” issue, and now it has resurfaced once again now that Romney is in electoral trouble.

A more honest assessment comes from Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator.  Lord, who was in a position to know because he witnessed first hand Newt’s interaction with Reagan, has written a critical column, Reagan’s Young Lieutenant,  Much like Byron York’s column debunking Romney attacks regarding Newt’s ethics charges, Lord’s column is a critical contribution to the truth in a sea of shameless lies.

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Hey Romney!  What a tangled web we weave, when we first set out to deceive, eh?