My Twitter conversation with a Ron Paul supporter

Below is a conversation I had with a Ron Paul supporter on Twitter… SCARY!!!

To @SarahRoman11 #1 Ron Paul #2 Obama, so if the GOP refuses to support Ron Paul I guess we have no choice but Obama. Romney or Frothy? No Way!

To @TerminatorBarbi Are you saying that if Ron Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination you will vote for Obama???

To @SarahRoman11 Absolutely 100% accurate. That is what I mean! I have never voted for a Liberal or Republican. Only way I would is if it’s RP

To @TerminatorBarbi If you voted for Obama in 2008 that means you HAVE voted for a liberal in the past.


About these ads

Rand Paul says ‘it would be an honor to be considered’ as Romney’s veep (this explains a lot)


On Wednesday, Chuck Todd, NBC News’ political director and host of MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown,” rhetorically asked: “Just what has Romney promised Ron Paul.”

Nobody knows if some sort of bargain has been made, but it is interesting that Rep. Ron Paul has never really attacked Mitt Romney, yet he has frequently attacked more conservative candidates at just the moment they were beginning to pose a threat to Romney. (For example, consider his latest ad, attacking Rick Santorum.)
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What Ron Paul and Barack Obama Have in Common

Hat Tip to Talon’s Point 

Zo does not agree with Ron Paul, but at least his supporters are excited about their candidate. If the best the GOP can do is get excited about sending Obama home, then it could be a happy Election Day for Democrats.

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Bill Maher Admits His Audience Are ‘Brainwashed Liberals’

Host Bill Maher has an explanation as to why his audience did not respond favorably to his announcement that he is more aligned with Ron Paul on foreign Policy than President Obama.

Funny: Jon Stewart Discusses Iowa Caucus 2012 Results

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Political cartoons of the day : 01/05/12

The cartoon below sums up my feelings as to who I will vote for in 2012.  I prefer that the GOP nominee be anybody but Mitt Romney.  But, if he should win the GOP nomination I would certainly vote for him instead of Barack Obama.  I pray that my fellow patriots feel the same way.  Like I’ve said before… it is ESSENTIAL that we all support the GOP nominee whomever it may be.  Otherwise, Obama will win and the America we all know and love will no longer be the same.