Give Obama what he wants: Pick Ryan

by Conn Carrol

“Mitt Romney called the Ryan budget … marvelous,” President Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt said last Tuesday of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan. “This really is the Ryan-Romney budget.”

That was the phrase the Obama campaign wanted every voter to remember coming out of last week: the Ryan-Romney budget.

They want to make it impossible for Romney to pivot to the center once he has secured the Republican nomination. They want to make the 2012 presidential campaign a choice between Obama’s vision for the role of government in America, and Ryan’s.

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Paul Ryan on the Necessity of Defeating Obama to Save America: “We Can Do This”

Here is complete video of Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan speaking to the “Faith & Freedom Coalition” in Wisconsin lays out what is at stake in the 2012 Presidential Election. He urged voters to support Mitt Romney for President, and focus on the necessity of defeating Barack Obama in order to “save the American Ideal” – America’s “First Principles” for the next generation. In the speech, he said Barack Obama is “committed to his ideology” that is moving us “away from the American Ideal – away from our First Principles.” (03/31/12)

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Mitt Romney Says He would “Have to Consider” Paul Ryan for Vice-President

Here is audio of Gov. Mitt Romney telling Wisconsin radio station WTMJ he would “have to consider” Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan as a Vice-Presidential nominee. Ryan endorsed Romney for President this morning. | March 30, 2012

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Dems push lies on Ryan budget plan

New Dem ad lies about GOP budget plan even though they don’t have a plan. Democrats have not had a budget in three years. There is NO Democrat plan to decrease the unsustainable debt increase which will be $16 TRILLION by election day. Yet Dems put out an ad lying about the Ryan plan even before it was introduced to the public.

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Hat Tip to Woodsterman for the link to Paul Ryan’s Plan

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Allen West: I am proud to be called a Reform Republican

From Congressman Allen West’s Facebook page:

I am proud to be called a Reform Republican who will not stand for the status quo that is failing our America. I will be supporting the House GOP Budget Plan as authored by my colleague Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. And anyone challenging me on my support to this visionary plan to restore our economic security will be signing up for a suicide mission. My recommendation to any detractors, read Proverbs 17:28 and heed its advice. It is time for those who understand how to govern, not demagogue. Good read:

Wall Street Journal Editorial

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Paul Ryan: Obama has “paternalistic, arrogant political philosophy”

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Rep. Paul Ryan rips Obama as usurping constitutional rights. Obama thinks he has the ability to grant and revoke rights, not the constitution.

“If the president is willing to trample on our constitutional rights in a difficult election year, imagine what he will do in implementing the rest of this law after he doesn’t have to face the voters again if he gets reelected.”

“What we’re getting from the White House with this conscience issue, its not an issue about contraception, its an issue that reveals a political philosophy that the president is showing that basically treats our constitutional rights as if they are revocable privileges from our government not inalienable rights from by creator. And so what I would simply say is we’re seeing this new government activism sort of a paternalistic arrogant political philosophy that puts new government granted rights in the way of our constitutional rights.”

“He has a political philosophy that believes that he can mandate certain benefits and activities of the American people which conflicts with their constitutional rights. He believes that these new government granted rights trump our constitutional rights such as our first amendment rights to conscience for freedom of religion.”

Paul Ryan on Obama’s Bogus Budget -”does nothing” – “gimmicks”

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Paul Ryan explains the reality of Obama’s campaign budget. He warns that we WILL have a debt crisis and that Obama knows that but does nothing.