Occupy DC Demands Release of Cop Killer [Explicit]


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Accuracy in Media‘s Brigette Namata pays a visit to the Occupy DOJ rally to see how good a grip the protesters have on inconconvenient things like facts. Tales only get taller after 31 years it seems.


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Original Occupier: Derrick Bell Blames ’1%’, ‘Wall Street’ ‘Wealth Disparity’ for ‘Racial Hostility’

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Obama Professor Derrick Bell was espousing some of the key terms of the Occupy Movement… back in 1996!

The genesis of the very ideas Obama embraces today!

From:  September 21, 1996

Professor Ogletree moderated this panel discussion on race and the law among judges, law professors and attorneys. They examined a wide range of issues, including the racial injustice within the U.S. justice system and the need for political as well as judicial solutions to it, and whether African-American judges and lawyers can be objective due to their unique experiences of discrimination.