Obama’s Flat Earth Controversy: President Slings Mud at Rutherford B. Hayes

Uploaded by  on Mar 16, 2012

Obama accused Rutherford B. Hayes of terrible crimes against technology, but hear how the President got his facts wrong. Hear about this story, plus the latest on the economy, gas and oil, cigarettes, leopard frogs and more.

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9th Obama green boondoggle – battery company in trouble

Uploaded by  on Feb 28, 2012

“Despite $390 MILLION in taxpayer subsidies” – Are we INSANE? Billions are being flushed down Obama’s “green” scheme toilet. How many billions will we let Obama give to these green schemes. $16 Billion of the $20 billion in “green” company loans has gone to companies with ties to Obama or his campaign supporters. Its a big green slush fund for campaign cash. Time to run this bunch of Marxist corruptocrats out of Washington and back to Chicago where they like this king of political corruption.