Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp Upholds Judge Michael Malihi’s Erroneous Decision


Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp Upholds
Judge Michael Malihi’s Erroneous Decision
Article II Super PAC Email
Greetings!I’m sure by now you have read attorney Mark Hatfield’s letter to Georgia Secretary Kemp sent earlier this morning. Now we have Kemp’s decision which you can read in full by clicking this link - me remind you what Hatfield stated on Friday night following Malihi’s ruling, he stated “…we are going full bore and taking it up on appeal”. Now that Kemp has issued his decision, the appeal process begins. Plaintiffs Powell/Swensson and attorney Hatfield are committed to taking their challenge all the way. I sincerely hope all of you will stand with them in this epic challenge and show the world your support will not waiver.

Helen Tansey
Article II Super PAC

Powell-Swensson-Welden-Farrar v Obama, Georgia Secretary of State Upholds Decision by Judge Michael Malihi, 2-7-2012

Attorney Hatfield’s Letter to Georgia Secretary of State Re: Decision by Judge Malihi

If Obama Has No Natural Born Citizenship Problem Why Did Congress Try To Fix It?

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Barack Obama58362 300x163 If Obama has no Natural Born Citizenship problem why did Congress try to fix it?

FEBRUARY 6, 2012 BY  at Coach Is Right

Congress made eight different attempts to alter our U.S. Constitution concerning the Natural Born Citizenship Clause according to the apocalyptic video documentary done with research by Senior Pastor Carl Gallups proving they knew Barack Obama lacked presidential eligibility prior to the 2008 election!  If there was no problem for Obama why would these people do this? There had never been a question of Natural Born Citizenship in our lifetimes!  Why fix what wasn’t broken?

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MUST READ! Obama Eligibility and a Decision of Tyranny

Craig Andresen

Obama Eligibility and a Decision of Tyranny

By Craig Andresen on February 4, 2012 at 7:19 am

With the ruling by Judge Malihi in Georgia that Obama will remain on the ballot, tyranny has been established.

How else does one describe it when the President is above the law?

A court issues a subpoena to the President which is ignored.

The court rules against a motion to dismiss.

The attorney for the defendant, Obama, states he will not participate or provide subpoenaed material.

The Georgia Secretary of State says such action will be at the attorney’s and his client’s peril.

The hearing proceeds with the only evidence and testimony presented being against the defendant.

One week later, the Judge finds in favor of the defendant.

Clearly, speculation will be forthcoming. How did this happen? Was the Judge bought? Was he threatened? Was it all fixed before the hearing ever happened?

People will want to know the background of the Judge.

I’m SURE there are some coincidences involved.

Leading up to this hearing the U.S. called off joint naval exercises with Israel near the Strait of Hormuz so as “Not to agitate the Iranians.”

CLEARLY a coincidence.

Last week, while Judge Mahili was waiting to issue his decision, Leon Panetta let it be known that he feared Israel would launch a strike against Iran in April, May or June thus, as some believe, allowing Iran in on what should have been kept under wraps.

Of course, it’s just a coincidence.

The Obama administration is talking about releasing 5 Talibani terrorists heads from Gitmo, they’re talking about holding talks with the Taliban, they’re talking about speeding up financial aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt too.

Coincidences all.

A high tech super double top secret spy drone lands itself intact without a scratch in Iran.

Such a coincidence.

Obama decides NOT to go get that drone, which is on display in Iran, or try to destroy it.

Don’t be silly…It’s a coincidence.

Obama sent a letter to Iran asking for direct talks when we don’t even have diplomatic ties with the rogue terror sponsoring nation.

Coincidence, coincidence…coincidence.

Judge Mahili is of Iranian descent and Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s right hand while born of American parents, was born in Iran.

Well, that’s just plain coincidence.

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Arpaio won’t release any of Cold-Case Posse’s conclusions in advance

I hope this does not end up being a huge disappointment…

Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Following a Georgia judge’s ruling that Barack Obama is eligible to be on the state’s 2012 Democratic Party presidential ballot, the front lines in the continuing eligibility battle are being fought in Arizona.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told WND today his office has scheduled a news conference in Phoenix for March 1 to release findings of the Cold Case Posse that has been investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility to be president.


Thanks A Lot Georgia, For Shredding Our Constitution

O eligibility Thanks A Lot Georgia, For Shredding Our Constitution

On Friday, February 3, 2012 the death knell of America the Beautiful tolled across the fifty states and around the world. An administrative judge in the state of Georgia rewrote the Constitution and ruled in favor of putative president Barack Hussein Obama declaring him a Natural Born Citizen and eligible to be on their state ballot.

Our rule of law is no more. Our Constitution is no more. Obama, Soros, state media, activist judges and all the ‘powers that be’ of a New World Order sealed our fate. The United States is a land of liberty no more.
When Georgia State Judge Michael M. Malihi released his shocking ruling we were stunned. This couldn’t possibly be true. On the eve of the hearing Obama’s lawyers had written a thinly-veiled threat letter to Brian Kemp, GA Secretary of State, demanding that Kemp stop Judge Malihi from moving forward with the three lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to be on the state ballot. This letter followed another sent days earlier by Obama’s Atlanta attorney Michael Jablonski to Judge Malihi demanding he stop the January 26th hearing and advised the GA judge that Obama would not be attending anyway citing it would interfere with the president’s duties. Malihi replied quickly to the first letter: the hearing would go on. SOS Kemp responded within 2 hours of receiving his letter stating, “…if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”
At the very least when Obama or his lawyers failed to show up in court a default judgement, earlier considered by the judge, should have denied Obama’s placement on the ballot. Not only did Malihi rule in favor of Obama he completely destroyed the credibility of the plaintiffs, their lawyers, witnesses and evidence that the judge found “unpersuasive.”
Shortly after the devastating ruling, Constitutional Attorney Mario Apuzzo, wrote an editorial entitled, “All That Is Wrong with Georgia State Judge Michael M. Malihi’s Decision.” http://  Paragraph 2 reads, “The Court held: “For purposes of this analysis, this Court considered that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Therefore, as discussed in Arkeny [sic meant Ankeny], he became a citizen at birth and is a natural born citizen.”

MUST SEE VIDEO! Detailed Information About Obama’s Georgia Court Hearing

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Doug Vogt on his testimony at the Georgia Ballot Hearing. Stunning facts of grave concern for national security presented before Judge Malihi. Recorded on 31 January 2012.

BAD NEWS! Georgia judge ruled that Obama was a ‘natural born citizen’

Well folks… the Constitution has been trampled on once again.  I will post more details soon.

*Update – This was posted on Jerome Corsi’s Facebook page:

Obama NC ballot challenge, GA ruling Judge Michael Malihi, North Carolina Secretary of State and Election Board warned in 2008, Governor Easley conviction

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Obama NC ballot challenge, GA ruling Judge Michael Malihi, North Carolina Secretary of State and Election Board warned in 2008, Governor Easley conviction

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Obama employ Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie, to request an advisory opinion on FEC matching funds that he was not eligible for?”…

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