Obama Presidency by the Numbers

Uploaded by on Oct 4, 2011

How should the American people assess the performance of their president? One way is to examine key performance metrics, such as jobs, economic growth and inflation.

This video offers a comparison of some of these metrics from at the beginning of President Obama’s term to now. Decide for yourself if you are better off today than you were then.

A special thanks to John E. of the Ace of Spades HQ for providing the infographs used in this video available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnyshop/6196456311/sizes/o/in/photostream/

This link includes references to the sources for the statistics cited in the video.

I AM THE 53%

Everyone has heard the Wall Street protesters refer to themselves as “the 99%”.  Well, another group has been started called “The 53%”.  It consists of the middle class tax payers.  There is a website that allows you to post your personal story.

At present, my picture is awaiting approval.  But, it should be posted soon.  Until then, here is the picture that tells my story and shows my pride for being a part of the 53%.

Please, share your personal story with the 53% here.

Obama: “I will not take no for an answer”

Received another Obama 2012 campaign email.  These emails have actually become sort of entertaining to me.  It’s like watching a cheaply made comedy on television.


Friend –

Last night, the American Jobs Act was filibustered by Senate Republicans. There was no vote on the actual bill.

But it would have succeeded (Hahahahahaha!!!): the American Jobs Act has at least 51 votes — a clear majority — to pass the Senate. And a new poll shows that 63 percent of Americans support it, too.  (Must have been an MSNBC poll)

Today the President recorded a message he wants you to see, laying out where we go from here in the fight for jobs.

The Republicans (and Democrats) who voted yesterday to block this bill weren’t thinking about middle-class families. In fact, at last night’s GOP debate, one of their leading candidates actually refused to say he’d extend a payroll tax cut that puts more than $1,000 in the pockets of everyday working Americans.

They might believe it’s in their political interest to oppose whatever the President proposes for the next 13 months, but we know that when it comes to jobs and restoring economic security, Americans can’t afford to wait.

The American Jobs Act would get to work now, providing incentives for businesses to hire unemployed veterans, helping hire tens of thousands of teachers, cops, and firefighters, and rebuilding and modernizing our schools, railways, bridges, and airports. Even though it’s fully paid for and made up of proposals both parties have supported, Republicans (and Democrats) yesterday said no.

Now the President wants you to hear directly from him about what’s next.



Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Alabama immigration law decried, applauded as some flee state

By Kelli Dugan

MOBILE, Ala | Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:43pm EDT

(Reuters) – A climate of fear and panic has taken hold in Alabama’s immigrant community since a federal judge let stand much of the nation’s toughest state crackdown on illegal immigration, advocates say.

Farm laborers have picked up their checks and headed out of town. Parents have pulled their children out of school or put in place emergency plans for their care should the parents be detained or deported for lacking proof of citizenship.

“People are just taking off without knowing where they are going,” said Rosa Toussaint-Ortiz, co-chairwoman of the Hispanic/Latino Advisory Committee in Huntsville.

“They even own houses and are abandoning them. They are leaving their stuff behind.”

Just how many immigrants are fleeing the state is unclear. The departures began soon after the law passed earlier this year, and advocates, educators and employers say they have seen an uptick since a September 28 court order that put into effect many of the challenged provisions.

Continue reading about the Alabama immigration law here >>>

FLOTUS Michelle Obama attempts to break Guinness World Record for jumping jacks

Michelle Obama, a.k.a. at this event as the official “Jumper in Chief”, attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period.  To break the record, more than 20,425 people around the world will need to do jumping jacks for a minute.  This record was first set on March 22, 2011.

I suppose this is just another way to try and get the “Obama” name in another “first time ever in history” category.

For all purposes of fairness… I don’t know if you could count the kid with the cell phone (on the right hand side of Michelle) as one of the “jumpers”?

Start watching at the 43:00 time mark