Chicago Democrat Representative Attempts to Connect Romney to Racial Hatred Against Latinos

Is it really any wonder why the Democrat Representative from Chicago, Illinois would attack Mitt Romney?

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Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D) tried to link recent acts of racial bias against Latinos in the country to Mitt Romney’s pro stance on the Arizona anti-immigration law.


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(AP) SAIPAN, Northern Mariana Islands

Another victory for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. He’s won the Republican caucus in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, picking up nine delegates from the U.S. territory.

Romney won 87 percent of the 848 votes cast Saturday on the main islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

Rick Santorum got 6 percent. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich got 3 percent each on the main island of Saipan.


Rand Paul says ‘it would be an honor to be considered’ as Romney’s veep (this explains a lot)


On Wednesday, Chuck Todd, NBC News’ political director and host of MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown,” rhetorically asked: “Just what has Romney promised Ron Paul.”

Nobody knows if some sort of bargain has been made, but it is interesting that Rep. Ron Paul has never really attacked Mitt Romney, yet he has frequently attacked more conservative candidates at just the moment they were beginning to pose a threat to Romney. (For example, consider his latest ad, attacking Rick Santorum.)
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Romney: Santorum hasn’t been vetted

“Sen. Santorum hasn’t been as carefully viewed by the American public as have the others,” GOP hopeful Mitt Romney said at a campaign event in Michigan on Tuesday.

“Rick Santorum is now just being seen for the first time in many homes and his background and mine are very different,” he added.

If he is “very different” from you Mitt, then he is my pick!

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Bellwether: Santorum blows past Gingrich in Pennsylvania, now leads Romney by one


I know what you’re thinking. “Who cares, AP? It’s his home state and their primary isn’t until the last week of April.” True. Pennsylvania might not matter much. But these numbers are important right now because they might — might — give us a window into how the race is going next door in Ohio, one of the key states voting on March 6, a.k.a. Super Tuesday.

Ohio could matter a lot.

The statewide poll of 500 Republicans showed Santorum’s support more than doubled from 14 percent six weeks ago to 30 percent, putting him in a statistical dead heat with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who increased his support to 29 percent from 18 percent. Santorum’s gain was former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s loss, as his numbers here plunged from 35 percent to 13 percent…

James Lee, president of Susquehanna Polling and Research, which conducted the poll, said Santorum’s growing strength among Republicans suggests conservatives are tuning in to the race.

“Rick speaks their language. They believe he’s the real deal, but they seem to draw the line when it comes to moving on to the fall,” Lee said. “They don’t seem to think he’s electable. That’s the real conundrum he’s in: How does he persuade mainstream voters he’s the guy who can win in November?”

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“Newt Groupie” says FOX News, GOP Establishment responsible for attacks on Newt

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Self described “Newt Groupie” Flora Reece says she will fight for Gingrich all the way to the convention in Tampa in August. Ms. Reece says that she and other “Gingrich” conservatives have discussed the possiblity of breaking from the GOP and establishing a separate “Conservative” party if Mitt Romney is forced on them by GOP Establishment. Sinclair News spoke with Ms. Reece at Newt’s “Victory Party” in Orlando Tuesday night as the campaign watched the FL GOP Primary results come in. FOX News called the primary for Mitt Romney as soon as the polls in the western Florida panhandle closed at8:00pm ET.