Obama: Deporting more illegals than Bush ‘the statistics are actually a little deceptive’

Obama To Latinos Don’t Worry We Are Not Actually Deporting More Illegals Than Bush ‘the Statistics Are Actually a Little Deceptive’

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Smugglers making hand-offs through bars of border fence

The new $11.6-million, 2.8-mile Nogales border fence was completed this past summer following a groundbreaking in March. At the time of construction, Border Patrol officials said the taller, stronger, more secure barrier would allow fewer agents at the fence.  However, there has been no change.

Drug smugglers have found a way to move drugs across the border… through the new “taller, stronger, more secure barrier” fence.  The fence, features interconnected, concrete-filled steel tubes with an approximately 4-inch open space between them.  Drug smugglers have simply changed the dimensions of the packages so that they can easily fit in between the 4-inch space.

Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to continue their illegal activities.

Mexican Drug Lord’s Wife Has Babies in US

Sept. 27, 2011
The wife of Mexico’s most powerful drug lord came to the U.S. to deliver twin girls in a Los Angeles hospital, according to a newspaper report today.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s wife Emma Coronel, a dual US-Mexican citizen, traveled to L.A. in July and delivered twin girls on August 15, according to the Los Angeles Times. She then returned with her daughters to Mexico, where her husband is thought to be surrounded by heavily armed soldiers in remote mountain areas.

The space for “father’s name” on the birth certificates was left blank, the paper reported.

Guzman is alleged by the Drug Enforcement Agency to be partly responsible for nearly 200 tons of cocaine smuggled into the U.S. and $5.8 billion in narcotics profits smuggled out of the U.S. since 1990.

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