Rubio’s Vice Presidential Freudian Slip

The Florida senator says he will say no if anyone asks, but demonstrates the job’s on his mind.

By National Journal Staff | Updated: April 19, 2012

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that “I don’t want to be the vice president right now, or maybe ever. I really want to do a good job in the Senate.” He said he’d say no even if presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney asked him.

But in an interview at an event kicking off the University of Phoenix/National Journal Next America project, Rubio also demonstrated that the vice presidency is on his mind.

“If in four to five years, if I do a good job as vice president—I’m sorry, as senator—I’ll have the chance to do all sorts of things,” he said.


National Archives document casts doubt on ‘natural-born’ status

Although the name of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is mentioned more than any other as a potential GOP vice presidential candidate, a document found in the National Archives raises questions about whether the popular U.S. senator is actually qualified constitutionally to serve as president or vice president.

The Petition for Naturalization on behalf of Mario Rubio, the senator’s Cuban father, has been retrieved from the National Archives and posted online by the PixelPatriot website, confirming that Marco Rubio was about four years old when his parents became U.S. citizens. Specifically, Mario Rubio was naturalized as an American citizen in 1975, based on the Sept. 9, 1975, date on the petition; Marco Rubio was born in 1971.

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Fox News probes Tim Tebow’s eligibility to be VP but not Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS

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This news clip reminded me why I stopped watching Fox News a long time ago.

They didn’t mention the ineligibility of Barack Obama, Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal.  BUT they throw Tim Tebow into their list of “potential” Vice Presidential candidates just to talk about his eligibility issue?!?!?

Rubio Working on #GOP Version of DREAM Act to Let Younger Illegal Aliens Stay Legally In US

By Edwin Mora | April 3, 2012

( – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he is working to craft an alternative version of the DREAM Act that would allow younger illegal aliens who came to the United States “through no fault of their own” to stay here legally and, if they wished, get in line to become a citizen.

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Hat Tip to Al D.

Video: Marco Rubio Endorses Mitt Romney

Is anyone really surprised by this?

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Rubio: ‘I’m not going to be the vice presidential nominee’

The Hill | By Justin Sink - 03/28/12 02:29 PM ET

Popular freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) again denied interest in his party’s vice presidential nomination Wednesday despite wide-spread speculation his political team was gearing up for a national campaign.

“I’m not going to be the vice presidential nominee, but I’m always flattered when people bring it up, I think they mean it as a compliment,” Rubio said on MSNBC.

Marco Rubio is NOT eligible to run for POTUS or VPOTUS!!!

Since when did MSNBC care about what is good or beneficial to the Republican party?  Why would they try encouraging Republicans to nominate Rubio as the VP candidate in the upcoming election?  I can tell you why.  They know that we will no longer be able to make the “natural born citizen” claim against Barack Obama if we do.

Americans better start doing their patriotic duty and read up on the meaning of “natural born citizen”.  I am NOT a conspiracy theorist!!!  This is a REAL problem people!!!

Sens. Rubio and Manchin: Bipartisan Opposition To Obama’s First Amendment Overreach

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On “Fox and Friends” Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democrat Senator Joe Manchin oppose President Obama’s government overreach (February 9, 2012)

Rubio on Newt: “I’m an admirer of his”

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“I’ve known Speaker Gingrich a long time. I’m an admirer of his. I think he made the right choice and I think he has a very positive message to offer, not just to Hispanics by the way, but all Americans and all Floridians. And I encourage him to continue to that and I’m glad to see that he is.” — Senator Marco Rubio