I’m a NC resident and Gov. Bev Perdue meant every word she said!!!

Posted by Sarah Roman

Being that I am a North Carolina resident, it would be unfair of me to not share with my fellow Americans the TRUTH about Governor Bev Perdue.

Sure, there is all of this talk in the liberal media that Gov. Perdue was ‘joking’.  Hahahaha!  Yeah right!  And I’m planning on voting for Obama.  Bev Perdue has went against EVERYTHING that the citizens of NC has wanted.  There have been multiple bills passed since she has been in office… only to have them vetoed when it reached her desk for signature.  Just a few short months ago, for the first time in our states history her vetoes were vetoed.  Not just one veto… several vetoes.

Just Google “Bev Perdue corruption” and see what all you find.  You would be amazed!

Don’t buy into the “she was just joking” story.  That was typical ‘Bev talk’.  She meant every word that she said.  The only difference is this time she got national attention!  I knew that one day Bev’s words would catch up to her… I just didn’t know when.

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