Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Generations

Kids these days. The number of young people who deny the Moon landings is increasing. But can you blame them? The education system is failing today’s children, so one cannot be shocked when young adults deny the existence of the Apollo program. Some are surprised to learn that there really was a ship called the Titanic, and many do not even know when World War II happened. How can we improve education? Bill Whittle gives today’s kids a simple solution.

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#Gen44 : The Stunning Narcissism of Obama

Obama announced the creation of Gen44, a youth organization devoted to the reelection of President Obama. Are young voters suckers, or will they reject Obama’s egomaniacal youth movement? Find out.

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MUST SEE! Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Merchants of Despair

Who is responsible for the current economic malaise? If you ask Bill Whittle, it’s Obama’s pals like David Axelrod, Harry Reid and Tim Geithner, some of the many Merchants of Despair. These merchants are costing taxpayers trillions and creating deep national divides based on class and race. Will the despair continue for another four years? Find out.

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Bill Whittle: I’M TALKING TO YOU

Bill Whittle talks about the U.S. budget and the debt crisis that America faces

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At current spending rates, there will be no U.S. Economy by 2027. That’s not Bill’s opinion: that’s the opinion of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, using the Obama Administration‘s own numbers, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner doesn’t even bother to deny it.

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The Battle of Big Ideas, Part 1: CONSTRAINED vs. UNCONSTRAINED

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Before you can build a political house, you have to know what materials you have on hand. In Part 1 of The Battle of Big Ideas, Bill looks at the two visions of Mankind that Thomas Sowell has labeled “Constrained” and “Unconstrained,” and the examples of their twin Revolutions: the Constrained American Revolution and the Unconstrained French Revolution.

Be Warned Mainstream Media, Andrew Breitbart Is Here

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Andrew Breitbart is irreplaceable. So how can he ever be replaced? Will the passing of Breitbart take the heat off of biased media and corrupt government, or will an army of citizen journalists rise and expose injustice anywhere and everywhere? Can anyone be an Andrew Breitbart? Find out.

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Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Han Shot First!

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Didn’t Han Solo shoot first in the famous Cantina scene? It depends on which versions of “Star Wars” you have seen. Bill Whittle jumps head first into this “Star Wars” controversy and asks whether George Lucas’s re-edited version of the sci-fi classic tells us something about Hollywood, manhood and American culture.