Bill O’Reilly Lies Again to His Viewers about Obama’s Felony Identity Document Fraud

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LINKS: Bill O’Reilly Lies Again to His Viewers about Obama’s Felony Identity Document Fraud – 4/24/2012 - - More O’Reilly Lies Here:…

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Bill O’Reilly: Sheriff Arpaio’s Investigation Not News Worthy

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LINKS: Bill O’Reilly on Sheriff Joe’s Investigation Into Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate – 3/9/2012 - - As pointed out here many times and in March 2011: In Hawaii at the time of Obama’s birth and even still today, under Hawaii law, out of state born children and even foreign-born children could/can easily obtain a Hawaiian COLB. That also would have triggered the newspaper announcements as they were produced from a list sent by the Hawaii DOH, not the Hospital or the parents/grandparents.

As for O’Reilly’s claim Sheriff Joe provided no evidence. That is an outright lie and anyone that watches the complete press conference can see that. Notice how O’Reilly fails to mention the forged Selective Service registration? This isn’t the first time Bill has lied to protect Obama’s crimes including his Connecticut social security number as shown here, here, here, and here.


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Sheriff Joe’s Lead Investigator Responds To Bill O’Reilly’s Obama Newspaper Birth Announcement Claim -

Bill O’Reilly: If Obama Wins Re-election “You Will Not Recognize This Country in 4 Years”

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Bill O’Reilly told his audience tonight that if Barack Obama wins reelection in November,
“You will not recognize this country in four years.”

Needless to say, Bill is not a fan of Obama’s big government policies that have bankrupted the nation.