Allen West: Political correctness affecting security

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Rep. West questions the wisdom of handcuffing the FBI with political correctness as the Obama administration removes 850 pages from the FBI training manual for being “insensitive” to Muslims.

Allen West vs. Soledad O’Brien on Communists in Congress

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Here is a complete list of all the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus:

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Video | Allen West: There are 78-81 members in Congress who belong to Communist Party

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At a town hall meeting in Jensen Beach, located in the district in which Congressman Allen West will be running for re-election in a new seat (FL-18), West states that, when asked how many members of the Democratic Party are card-carrying Marxist Socialists, that he believes that there are 78-81 members (in Congress) of the Democratic Party who belong to the Communist Party.


Now listen to how the media reacts to Congressman West’s comment

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Roland Martin and Dr. Chris Metzler joined Kyra Phillips in the CNN Newsroom to discuss Rep. Allen West’s recent comments about there being scores of communist serving in congress.

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Obama’s New Campaign Slogan: “Divide and Rule”

President Obama’s only hope for re-election seems to be that Americans will overlook his failed economic policies if he can successfully divide people along the lines of income and wealth.

It is clear that ‘hope and change’ has been replaced with ‘divide and rule’. Let’s get 100 SHARES of Obama’s new slogan.

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Sarah Palin’s Pick for VP: Allen West

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Allen West on Trayvon Martin case: No one should use this to ‘push an ideological agenda’

The Daily Caller asked Florida Republican Rep. Allen West on Capitol Hill if it’s appropriate for Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Al Sharpton to publicly protest the Trayvon Martin case. By Nicholas Ballasy…

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