Van Jones: We have to re-elect Obama to ‘stop the #teaparty’

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Former Obama administration adviser Van Jones said the country should re-elect President Barack Obama to “stop the tea party” because former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would “govern as a tea party president.” By Nicholas Ballasy…

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Romney Wants To Take Away All Of Women’s Healthcare

Well Debbie… never in MY entire lifetime have I ever felt that MY rights as an AMERICAN are in danger if Obama is re-elected in November.

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RNC Political Ad : Welcome to North Carolina, President Obama

Typical North Carolina politics…

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MSNBC: Obama Blurring Line Between Campaigning On Taxpayer-Dime

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On “Now With Alex Wagner” (MSNBC) panelists discuss how the Obama White House is blurring the lines between campaign and official travel (April 24, 2012).

MSNBC’s Matthews Likens Romney to KKK and ‘Birthers’

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In a tense discussion about Mitt Romney’s core beliefs with Former GOP Charman Steele, Chris Matthews slandered conservative politicians by being in line with the Ku Klux Klan and Birthers.

Oh Lord! Obama campaign rolls out “Environmentalists for Obama”

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Take a second right now to sign up for Environmentalists for Obama at and ask a friend to do the same.

Are you in?

Ted Nugent Gets a Visit From the Secret Service. So When Will the Secret Service Visit Eminem?

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Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman, engaged in hyperbole when discussing President Obama. Eminem and Common said some horrible things about President Bush. So why did the Nuge get a visit from the Secret Service, but not Eminem or Common? Hear what Zo thinks as he explains the double standard that allows liberals to engage in aggressive speech, but not conservatives.

RNC Political Ad | From ‘Hope’ to Hypocrisy: The Senator Who Became A Sellout

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Obama promised to change Washington, but Washington changed him. Join us at