Encouraging | #Romney: “We are not stupid; its all about #Obama’s record”

Video Published on Apr 25, 2012 by 

“It’s still about the economy and we’re not stupid.” – Mitt Romney

Britt Hume says it’s going to be all about Obama’s record on the economy. If that’s true Obama will lose by a landslide. (April 24, 2012)

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One thought on “Encouraging | #Romney: “We are not stupid; its all about #Obama’s record”

  1. Finally, Romney is starting to look at the real opponent here. Whether he goes after Obama on the economy or on his record, It’s all good. Obama doesn’t have a leg to stand on. All he can do is denigrate his opponent. We ALL know that any good conservative is better than what we’ve had these past four years. Like him or not, (and I don’t, really) we must get behind our nominee and support him, because the LAST thing we want is for Obama to get 4 more years! It’s time to chase those libs and Progressives out of DC, and we start by un-electing Barack Obama! Excellent video, by the way!

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