Black on White Crimes – Where’s the justice? : 04/25/12

Just a small handful of “black on white crimes” that the mainstream media is deafeningly silent about.  Where is the justice for these victims?

8 Teens, 7 Black and 1 Asian participate in the Brutal Rape and Beating of a White High School Girl

CHICAGO – March 21, 2012 – 3 teenagers have been charged in the brutal rape, beating, and robbery of a young woman down the street from the Congress Theater in the Logan Square neighborhood on New Year’s Eve.

Terrance Ford, 15, and Aanwar Barbour, 16, and Charles Chuning, 16, have all been charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery.

The victim — a senior at Highland Park High School — had gone with friends to a New Year’s Eve concert featuring DJ Rusko at the Congress Theater but was denied entry because she didn’t have an ID. She was spotted sitting outside the venue later, talking with a group of young men.

Around 9:30 that night, she was found beaten, bloodied, unconscious and naked on a lawn just up Rockwell Avenue from the theater. She was hospitalized in critical condition after the attack.

“It was a group of guys who saw a girl overserved and separated from her friends, and they took advantage of her — as simple as that,” a law enforcement source said.

Eight young men were in the original group , the source said, but five didn’t take part in the attack.

Chuning and five others had joined Ford and Barbour at a Logan Square restaurant where they met the intoxicated young woman, who had been separated by her friends after she was denied entry at a concert at the theater because she didn’t have an ID, O’Callaghan said.

The victim was eventually helped outside and when a witness saw Ford and Barbour fondling her against a chain-link fence at Rockwell and Milwaukee, Chuning suggested they move her “down the street,” O’Callaghan said.

Ford, Barbour and Chuning took turns carrying the teenager and when Chuning noticed she was bleeding from a fall during her encounter with the male teens, he dropped her in a bush, O’Callaghan said.

In a front yard on the street, the group lay the victim on the ground, and pulled her pants down and her shirt up, O’Callaghan said. Ford then began to sexually assault her, the prosecutor alleged.

Someone on the street saw the group standing in a semicircle in the front yard, and approached to find the rape in progress while the others stood there watching, O’Callaghan said. When the witness came up, everyone in the group scattered, he said.

Meanwhile, neighbors found the girl lying unconscious and partially naked on a lawn. She had been beaten severely and was covered in blood, police said at the time.

Also be sure to check out the video clips listed below:

Female Suspect Arrested in Baltimore St. Patrick’s Day Strip Assault

Mob beats White man unconscious on his front porch – “Now that’s justice for Trayvon”

White Man Beaten By Mob in Critical Condition – Police Investigating Delmar Drive Racial Assault

Black Mob beats 40-year-old White man unconscious on his front porch

Man beats McDonald’s manager with baseball bat for not being served – Surveillance Vid with 911 Call

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11 thoughts on “Black on White Crimes – Where’s the justice? : 04/25/12

  1. It is the liberals who have made a political issue of crimes based on color, the so-called “hate crimes” are their invention, but “hate crimes” are only applied to White abusing Blacks never, ever, Blacks abusing Whites.

    “Hate crimes” are the White liberal’s psychosis about WHITE racism made into law; it nullifies the whole purpose of such “laws” if Whites are allowed to be victims too.

    Only thing that should matter is what a criminal has done; what he thinks about the race of his victim is totally irrelevant.

    No one wants to admit that “affirmative action” is racial discrimination against Whites applied to the hiring of new employees or job promtions.

    Many Whites see these double standards and, justifiably, it makes them bitter. If we are to truly achieve racial harmony, our society must apply the same standards fairly when enforcing the laws and stop pretending that Blacks are always victims and Whites are always guilty.

  2. This kind of crime matters–whether the victim is white or any other color. Instead of making it a political issue based on color, we should be focusing on getting tougher on crime. Maybe executing rapists–regardless of the color of the rapist or the victim.

  3. Bravo, you got guts! It is impossible to have a frank discussion about racial problems in the US today. It is obvious, to any honest person, only whites (or those who appear to be too whie, e.g. George Zimmerman) are accused of “hate crimes.”

    In 2007, in Tennessee, there was an obvous case of a Black on White hate crime, when 5 blacks were involved in the brutal murder of a White boy and his girfriend. Not only was the girl raped (by the most heinous sexual abues imaginable) the boy also was raped. Some, gutless, big shot, law officer denied that it was a “hate crime.” Really? How did he know? because the rapist told him so? The national “news media” showed minimal interest in this henious crime. To pretend that blacks never commit “hate crimes” against whites will only increase racial animosities on both sides. Frank honesty is the antidote to increasing racial tensions.

    Listen up you two-bit libera, politically correct, punks: men are “hard wired” to protect their ladies. That’s not a threat it’s a fact.

    Sarah, count me among those who “have your back.”

  4. The hypocrisy here is that these jackholes can’t SEE the hypocrisy in their attitudes and actions! Even though the facts support it, they DENY the very existence of Black on White crime. There is, in actuality, very little white on black crime, percentage wise. Yet, it’s qute alright for blacks to attack whites or other blacks. It’s time for the finger pointing and race baiting to stop. None other than our Great Uniter President, Barack Obama, needs to step up and address this problem, before we have an all out race war, with armed thugs running the streets. When EVERYONE is armed and angry, our Republic will be history.

    • it is because they’re savages, regardless of where in the world or society you place them. About 2% of them have decency and brains (the 3% who didn’t vote for blackbarry for president). The rest are no different than those in Somalia. see the DOJ race crime stats @

  5. A tough subject, Sarah. Don’t back down. You’re on the side of the angels with this one.

    It’s a travesty that this goes unnoticed and deliberately ignored by the press, simply becasue it doesn’t fit nicely into their “narrative”.

    Good job…..

  6. Good going my dear.
    They call you every name in the book when you post on black on white crimes.
    You BE STRONG.
    Come and get me if you need help. :D
    God Bless

  7. For that matter, whatever happened to the color-blind society envisioned by Martin Luther King, Jr. The present administration has taken us from this ideal to a color-conscious society in just a few short years.

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