Obama: “Michelle & I Have Been In Your Shoes… We Didn’t Come From Wealthy Families”

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13 thoughts on “Obama: “Michelle & I Have Been In Your Shoes… We Didn’t Come From Wealthy Families”

  1. Now for some one to become President of United State, From only being a community organiser, in only 2 years?!, well i say there was A LOT HANDED TO HOUSSAIN Obama, aLOT!

  2. Stammering is often a sign that the speaker is not being honest. Obama, when not reading from the teleprompter, stammers. A lot.

  3. Dead mic…not live…a little Garfield thought bubble..”.we came from communist, redistribute the produced product, wealth or even meager produce, family.” Work for poverty for all, except leaders that is.

  4. I didn’t get anything handed to me courtesy of affirmative action, so they sure haven’t “been in my shoes.” No one “gave” me a chance and no one “gave” me an education, I worked for and earned whatever I have, so they haven’t been in “my shoes.” With each day, I get closer to declaring the “Nugent Pledge.”

  5. NOPE the obamas or what ever there real names are…have had everything handed to them. How did he afford his education??? He made false statements to get a free education with the assitance of gerorge soros and his band of thugs……..

    • Exactly right! Both Barack and Michelle went to the most expensive Ivy League Universities in America. Most children of working class parents could never dream of affording such exclusive schools. I believe that if the Obamas ever release their school records, they will show that the the Obamas didn’t have to pay a penny for their exclusive ivy league educations. So if the Obamas want working class Americans to believe that they had to work for what they got, then they should prove it by releasing their school records.

      So far, the information we have paints the opposite picture from what the Obamas are claiming. They had free ivy league schooling, and they never had to work a day in their lives, at least not at real jobs like the rest of us have to work at in order to make ends meet. Who among us can get rich by being a Community Organizer like Barack or a Community Affairs Coordinator like Michelle? These people are such a farce! Once again the Obamas are lying… the Obamas haven’t been in your shoes, unless the shoes you are wearing are Gucci.

        • True, Sarah. I believe that the Obamas are not only hiding the fact that they had their exclusive educations paid for, but they are hiding the source or sources of those payments too!

  6. i like what President Obama have in plann for education this is good..thank you

      • yes…. first you have to learn what is education..thank you all the people is not the same..

        • I have seen Obama’s example Princess, and frankly you can keep that!
          thank you for your comment.

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