House Judiciary Committee Discusses Project Veritas Voter Fraud Video

Published on Apr 23, 2012 by 

Rep. Trent Franks, Rep. Steve King and Cleta Mitchell speak about Project Veritas Voter Fraud video before House Judiciary Committee. There were reports that Nadler and Rep. Conyers were stunned and surprised by the Holder video and asked their staffers what it was about.

“It hardly inspires the public confidence that a white 20-something can obtain the ballot of the first black Attorney General.” – Rep. Trent Franks

“I’m shocked that the Attorney General isn’t shocked. I’m shocked that the Attorney General hasn’t offered a response to this in a meaningful way… It took James O’Keefe to get this ACORN issue brought before America.” – Rep. Steve King

10 thoughts on “House Judiciary Committee Discusses Project Veritas Voter Fraud Video

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  2. Thank you James O’Keefe III! Keep up your Good Work exposing corruption on all levels!

  3. Beer, tobacco, spray paint, glue, cough syrup and on and on and on! This is all about protecting the illegal vote and with elections as close as they are these days, the DNC needs every illegal and dead body they can get.

  4. Love it, Sarah! Any reasonable person would/should be troubled by this. Glad to see this…..

    Heck, I have to show ID to by beer. Isn’t the right to vote for our elected leaders MORE worthy of being protected than my right to a six-pack of Molson?

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