Obama’s Historical Records: 122 Fund Raisers, 94 Rounds of Golf and 17 Vacations

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122 Fund Raisers, 94 Rounds of Golf and 17 Vacations, Phew! I get tired just thinking about all the fun our King and Queen have had. I wonder how they will handle having a real job?  Oh wait, they’ll just continue to live on the government dole one way or another.

10 thoughts on “Obama’s Historical Records: 122 Fund Raisers, 94 Rounds of Golf and 17 Vacations

    • Ilove the USA and the constitution and so does our dear president Obama. OBAMA-2012.

        • I have and i understand it very well,but i don’t thank you do,And to say President Obama would trash it ,that is really funny.Ido not worship President Obama i have respect for him.As for the name calling shows you have very low self-esteem of yourself. OBAMA 2012

        • Hogwash Sherry. And projection does not work here. Only a knucklehead would claim to know the constitution and defend this would be tyrant. He has taken the unconstitutional acts of predecessors and quadrupled down. His executive orders have been unprecedented in their scope, his Fast and Furious program a failed assault on the 2nd amendment. His actions in Libya a violation of the War Powers Act, his green energy program a fiduciary violation of the very program structure, his action to kill Keystone and Boeing a war on on commerce, his ignoring of a court order on drilling in the gulf a clearly impeachable crime, his healthcare law a usurpation of individual liberty, his suits against state enforcement of immigration while refusing to do so himself a violation if his oath, etc etc etc ad nauseam.

          Refusal to recognize it is by definition a Cult-of personality and your denial is further evidence.

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  2. Keep in mind also that every one of these trips entail the use of Air Force 1, multiple transports for his ground vehicles, hordes of support personnel, a helicopter if he needs it, etc.
    That does not include the cost of the first ladies’ chariot to vacations (757) to resorts when Air Force 1 can’t comply with HER schedule.
    It is disgusting, an arrogance that has never existed in this Country’s History.
    I am tired of them sticking their finger in my eye while smiling and chastising the ‘rich’.
    God help US in November.
    4 more years with these people will destroy the Country.

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