Juan Williams: Majority of Americans who oppose Obama are “white males who don’t have a college degree”

Video Published on Apr 18, 2012 by 

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10 thoughts on “Juan Williams: Majority of Americans who oppose Obama are “white males who don’t have a college degree”

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  2. The last time I looked I’m White and have a College degree… I’m sure not casting a vote for BO! I work in the education field & I am a very vocal Conservative much to the chagrin of some of my fellow educators! I fight the good fight!

  3. Ed and Bob that statement he made make me so angry. I guess to get angry makes me uneducated.

  4. And [to think] NPR fired him…………………for not being liberal or loony enough.

  5. Mr Williams is biased and is a RACIST!!! If obama peed in his yard Mr Williams would make a valid reason why he did it and why HE could support obama’s actions!!

  6. “…white males and, pretty much, white males who don’t have a college degree…”
    I suppose he means “…citizens who are, pretty much, like The Founders and those who built this country into the most prosperous, moral, and free country the world has ever seen…”

    Don’t get me started on the supposedly educated Mr. Williams implying that many men (males) could have one (a) college degree among themselves. Interesting thought, but…

  7. And would this be because, as a non-college graduate, we haven’t been properly indoctrinated into the Marxist school of thought? Just for the record, I am a white male WITH a college degree! I just picked a non-Marxist school and received a politically1 neutral degree from a Christian school. And, no, I am NOT a bible thumper, either, just a Constitution loving conservative American who believes that America has been, IS and will continue to be, the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Post-Obama, that is.

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