Video: Beckel drops the F-bomb on live tv

Published on Apr 17, 2012 by 

Beckel who is a Kool-aid drinking die hard Obama defender has exploded before in defending the Solyndra solar campaign slush fund. Here he curses the female Tea Party part of Hannity’s panel with an F bomb when she says Headstart is a failed liberal program. To paraphrase the famous words of Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” liberals can’t handle the truth.

Beckel was caught up in an extortion and sex scandal in 2009.

5 thoughts on “Video: Beckel drops the F-bomb on live tv

  1. Lefties are SO classy! After using that word when addressing a lady, he wouldn’t apologize. Then, he could not accept that they were live on the air. THEN, he argued with Mr. Hannity over that; and, even when he thought that Mr. Hannity might be right about being live, he STILL refused to apologize. What a schmuck!

    I once dropped “the s-bomb” on the air during my television show; in my defense, the studio was, apparently, on fire. I did, however, apologize to the audience — and everyone on the set — after the emergency was taken care of.

    More proof that Beckel is an idiot and not fit to be in public alone, much less on live television.


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