Video | Farrakhan: “Dear Conservative Republicans, your playing with a time bomb”

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Breeding With Whites Is the ‘End of Your Race’

This took place on April 12, 2012, at Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist church in Nashville, Tennessee.

“White folks don’t produce black children — except if it’s a white woman with a black man or a black man with a white woman and that’s the end of your race. So you’re dying a natural death these days. And without an AK47 ’cause the brother ain’t shooting no blanks.”

4 thoughts on “Video | Farrakhan: “Dear Conservative Republicans, your playing with a time bomb”

  1. the minister is the truth and has the power to make america and the world become right but the the satanic forces black and white and whatnots refuses to study the truth that comes out of his mouth

  2. Farrakhan has only been right once in his life. That was when he was the first one to proclaim Barack Hussein Obama to be the messiah. The Muslim messiah is the exact opposite of the true Messiah. The Muslim messiah is the 12th Imam, the false prophet who will set the world in strife and chaos so that Muslims will have the opportunity to restore order through jihad and Sharia law, thereby taking over and ruling the world. The Muslim messiah is described in Christian book of Revelation, and is what we commonly refer to as the Antichrist. If you carefully analyze what Barack Hussein Obama is doing in the world, Farrakhan starts to look more and more right about the true identity of Barack Hussein Obama!

  3. Farrakhan is a real piece of work and the only thing I could say to that loud mouthed pos if he wants to ensure black on black to g F… himself!!

    • Look at him; there’s a LOT of honky in his background. A better question, instead of “Who built da [the] mansions…” would be “Who designed the mansions…” Farak-con is an idiot.

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