32 thoughts on “Pictures: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her new hairstyle

  1. I find Representative Wasserman-Shultz to be one of the finest representitives serving in Congress. I also find her new look very attractive. What would it take for any of you to comment on your own abilties to serve in Congress and put up with the type of negative comments you are making. There are some very good people on both sides of the isle. Just because you have a right doesn’t make you right…or left…or center. Please consider the comments you are making and try to refrain from so much vitriol.

    • I did refrain. However, compared to what I see on other sites, including lefty sites trashing good conservative people, what has been said here is mostly tame and well short of vitriol.

      Thank you however for being here rarely because you are so busy admonishing hate speech on leftist sites. You are no doubt doing a yeoman’s job.

      • ActualIy I try hard, don’t always make the mark, to make a contribution of some sort for all sides. Those leftist sites are just as bad, I agree. There is so much good for us to concentrate on…things that all Parties can say “Hey, we made a difference.”
        Maybe because I’m older now, I realize I’m on the backside of life. I honestly feel compromise, tolerance for different views, and attempting to unite rather than divide just makes more sense. More cost effective so to speak
        None of us should be trashing anyone. All of us are just trying to matter in some small way. Imagine if we all toned down the rhetoric…left, right and in between, how much more we could accomplish TOGETHER. I’ll bet you feel somewhat the same.
        Just saying…So thanks for reading.

        • Actually I must say I do not agree though I respect the sentiment. While compromise when liberty is not at stake is admirable, democracy is nothing short of 2 wolves and 1 sheep “uniting” around what to have for dinner. Liberty trumps the majority consisting of would be despots and adulating fools. Furthermore, tolerance on the left only seems to include tolerance of agreeing views. The nearly completed war on liberty is being fought by statists on both side of the aisle but the entrenched bureaucracy is mostly controlled by left leaning interests not in the least interested in “tolerating” my love for individual liberty or disdain for the growing imposed dependency on the government nanny.

  2. …Medusa will be missed! Here at Satire World she serves as endless ‘fodder’ and deserves
    every bit of the ridicule…hair straightening hasn’t done much for Al Sharpton either, BTW!
    Hope Florida wakes up and turns her into a ‘stay at home Mom…..”

    Sandra Fluke was right….they should have passed out free birth control in her case….

  3. I’ll pass on any insults of her appearences. In my book some of the most beautiful women in history never won a beauty contest. Whether they were scarred in some way or just otherwise homely the depth of soul mattered more.

    In DWS’s case, her soul is dark and ugly as sin as they say, so nothing done to the outside will make a difference.

    • I wouldn’t go that far. She could probably get away with putting her pants on over her head and learning to walk backwards on her hands.

    • You are absolutely right…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
      and for me,beauty consists of a lot more than outside appearance….Debbie is an acrimonious and mean woman,with the dark soul that you describe,that will do and say anything to further the cause of the Liberal left irregardless of the truth or facts,without a conscience to guide her….Lies mean nothing to her….

    • Actually, I thought that the makeover made her look a lot better. But, you are right. It’s what is on the inside that really counts. And in her case… well… you already know.

      • Yes,
        I have to agree that it is an improvement in that it gives her hair body and frames her face in a better way,but to me,she is still a despicable human being,and no matter what she does that is not going to change….JMO…

    • Maybe that is why the Liberals are always denigrating Conservative women…Could it be jealousy?…
      Ya think?…..Not only are Conservative women hotter,but far more intelligent,classy,and religious…..

      • Absolutely!!! On every level! And on those few occasions when a liberal is hot (I know, RARE occasions), you have to consider, is this someone I’d even want to talk to?

    • She needs a lot more than lipstick….If you put lipstick on a pig it is still a pig….In her case,a socialist,lying,trouble making propagandist pig…Just a voice for this administration lacking ethics,principles and morals…

  4. She should have left her hair alone like she needs to leave the Constitution alone as well….what a mess!!!!

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