Sarah Palin’s response to the left’s “War On Women”

Published on Apr 12, 2012 by 

These attacks from the left on ‘stay at home moms’ are nothing new.  But, it is funny and frustrating that the liberals and a large percentage of women (single women) always end up blaming the right.

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4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s response to the left’s “War On Women”

  1. The Great Divider’s war against women is another one of his cynical attempts to fracture Americans into groups and pit those groups against each other. In the short term he is hoping that this tactic will help him win the majority of women voters, who he believes are left-wing feminazis. His long term goal is to throw America into civil war in the hope that the chaos will justify his suspension of the Constitution and the imposition of martial law and full dictatorship. Forget Benedict Arnold — Barack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous and treasonous man in American history.

    • I will agree that BHO is treasonous, however, the regime that got him elected in the first place are far more treasonous than he is.
      The regime that he stands in front of is the enemy of America.
      The 45 czars that he appointed are the enemies of America and are determined to take America to Her knees as quickly as they can before the next election.
      The sitting congress is either afraid of the regime, or they are complicit in the effort to overtake the principles that have sustained this great Country to date.
      IMO, the sitting congress needs to be replaced.
      They are no longer representative of the American People.
      The wave against Obamacare before the vote, and the disregard of such is indicative of the arogance that exists within the walls of the capitol building.
      Let them eat cake is the mantra of the elitest buffoons that we employ.
      Wake up America.

  2. In a liberial’s eyes a woman is only successful if she’s single, gets free birth control pills paid by us, and has a lesbian lover live in.

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