Obama’s Labor Secretary: “Government Services” Are The American Dream

Published on Apr 12, 2012 by 

Also, notice at the 0:32 time mark… Doesn’t the young lady look familiar?  If not… click here to refresh your memory.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s Labor Secretary: “Government Services” Are The American Dream

  1. They feel that if they keep repeating the same garbage over and over again, the lemmings will believe it.
    Lemmings also follow each other over a cliff when their population becomes unsustainable.
    They are dictating incessantly, failed economic policies to the people who know no better.
    The ignorant masses still comprise a substancial element within the voting populace.
    The died in the wool hard core liberals need them to pursue their agenda.
    Conservative common sense will prevail, hopefully in time to save the Country.

  2. It’s all a scam, just like Sandra Fluke…they really must think the American people are stupid. I agree, another Obama stooge is right.

  3. Where do these losers come from??? She is a joke and another obama stooge!!

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