Good bye ACORN, Hello #Scytl

According to an article posted on SodaHead:

In 2008 the Florida Department of State looked into using Scytl’s remote voting system but turned it down. Their reasons:

Our findings identified vulnerabilities that, in the worst case, could result in (i) voters being unable to cast votes, (ii) an election result that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters, or (iii) disclosure of confidential information, such as the votes cast by a voter. The extent to which these vulnerabilities could actually be exploited in the ODBP is beyond the scope of this report given our lack of system context. Secure handling and audit of the Voter Choice Records may defend against some or all of these vulnerabilities, but these procedures were not available for review.

We identify three findings of particular significance:

  • The use of supervised polling stations provides significantly better protection against voter coercion or vote- 
selling than is present in some other absentee voting systems, such as voting by mail.
  • Two copies of each vote are stored: one electronically, and another on paper as a Voter Choice Record. This pro- vides redundancy that is not present in existing vote-by-mail systems. If the electronic votes are well-protected, then they can enable audit of the paper records in ways that are not currently possible.
  • After casting their ballot, each voter is given a receipt that is intended to give voters confidence that their votes were “Counted as Cast”. These receipts do not achieve their stated goal of allowing voters to “independently verify that their ballots have been correctly accounted for.” These receipts might indicate that a vote was received and decrypted by the county (a property not typically provided by current postal voting systems), but they do not provide assurance that the voter’s vote was correctly recorded.

Also interesting to note, one of the organizations on “Scytl Partners” tab is Oracle, a major supporter to all-things-Democrat. And another Scytl Partner is a spooky “global governance” organization called Check them out. Yikes.

Yesterday, I posted an article about Hewlett Packard.  They also seem to be about “global governance”.

Terry C., an American Freedom reader, provided the following information:

I’ve been doing some research on the Director of US operations, recently hired by SCYTL in 2011. His name is Paul Stenbjorn who was previously the Executive Director of the DC Board of Elections and Ethics. He conducted an interview online with Etopia news December 29th 2011 in which he admitted that once a voter had cast their vote online that their vote COULD BE CHANGED, MANY TIMES. View the attachment and see for yourself. Wake up America!!!

Paul Stenbjorn’s comment about changing your votes begins around the 8 minute mark of the interview.

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It is ESSENTIAL that we share this information with our friends and representatives.  It is OUR right to have our votes counted!


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  8. If and when it comes about…system will record one’s vote whether one votes or not, or if one is already dead. And results will be programmed as hacked.

  9. I agree. You did a great job Sarah. Yes, we must be vigilant in protecting the integrity of the vote. Obama will do anything needed to cheat and steal this election.

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