Video: CNN Continues to Use the N-Word LIVE

CNN continues to improve race relations in America with repeated use of racial slurs in live reporting.

Uploaded by  on Apr 9, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Video: CNN Continues to Use the N-Word LIVE

  1. CNN isn’t sorry for the profanity, they love to perpetuate race hatred for the benefit of Obama’s agenda.

  2. One of your previous commenters on another post identified why the black supremacists and the white lefties have to keep this racial slur in use. It’s because it fans the flames of racial discord. They need to maintain the illusion that America is a racist nation, and that blacks are the victims of hatred by non-blacks. This is all part of The Great Divider’s big game plan — to divide Americans, keep them disliking and mistrusting each other, and ultimately fan the flames of societal disintegration and civil war. Barack Hussein Obama knows that if he can succeed in this, he can have grounds to implement his new executive order that gives him the authority to implement martial law. Once martial law is implemented, further strife will ensue, and that will give Obama the political cover to permanently amend, suspend or abolish the U.S. Constitution and, as he puts it, “fundamentally transform America” into a totalitarian socialist state with himself as America’s first dictator for life. If any of Obama’s naive apologists out there think this is nonsense, they will be in for a big shock if they re-elect Obama.

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