New Black Panthers call for race war and blood shed, to kill crackers for Trayvon on April 9th

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According to Breitbart, this very disturbing audio is from an organizing phone call for the “Trayvon Martin April 9th National Day of Action” that the New Black Panthers have planned for tomorrow. For the last week the New Black Panthers have been calling for a day of action on April 9th, the day before the Grand Jury is to convene on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. If this phone call on which they discuss a race war, violence and spilling blood of “these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these mother f***in purple people” – if this is in any way representative for whats going to happen tomorrow, I just hope the police will be ready.

Listen below:


19 thoughts on “New Black Panthers call for race war and blood shed, to kill crackers for Trayvon on April 9th

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  4. Black supremacist groups and black fascist professional agitators like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton had been working 24-7 for the past several weeks to stir racist feelings among their mindless followers and incite them to violence and lawlessness. And as Issac Newton taught us, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. In predictable response, just over the weekend we saw a white neo-nazi group move into the Sanford, FL area puportedly to provide protection to the white residents. These are two sides of the same coin, one side black and the other side white. They are essentially all neo-nazi fascists who believe their race is the master race, and their goal is to plunge America into a race war so that they can eventually carve up America into their own domains of fascist, racist dictatorship.

    The end result is what Barack Hussein Obama has been dreaming of. An end to America as we know it, and a “fundamental transformation of America” into two countries permanently divided by civil race war, and no longer a world power.

    • This is all surreal. How did we get to this point? I don’t agree with either side of the whole white or black supremacy mess. Whatever happened to everyone just being “Americans”?

      • Exactly, Sarah. And I think we can agree on how we got here — in 2008 the majority of Americans bought into the lies of a snake oil salesman named Barack Hussein Obama. He billed himself as the purveyor of hope and change, and as the man who would be the first post-racial president. What he really is is The Great Divider of America, a race-baiting wolf in sheeps clothing, and now it’s all coming out. The purpose of this “transformation of America” that he seeks is to create a totalitarian system. His game plan is to exploit the chaos he created in order to be able to suspend or eliminate the U.S. Constitution and establish himself as America’s first Dictator for Life. All but the most idiotic Americans should be able to see that Obama’s game plan is not to unify America, but to escallate strife between opposing groups until a full-scale civil war is precipitated. That civil war is looking more and more inevitable by the day. Only the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama and the election of a president who sets about to unify America can save us from Obama’s evil game plan.


    just to clarify, I’m white. I have NO racial prejudices. I don’t care what color the angry mob is. ANYONE massing to do me or my family harm will be met with heavy resistance.


  6. I killed me some cracka’s while downing a bowl of Denisson’s chile. Will the black panthers like me now? No? Well maybe if I “take out” a few Motsah balls from down at the Deli tomorrow.

  7. Are you F’in kidding me -_-

    I am a Black male. However I am a veteran and an American first. I hate how these racist jerks can get away with pure racism by pretending others are racist. I hope this does happen and I hope cops kill them all. What the hell do they expect to come from this? What good will this do?

    MLK would be turning in his grave right now. Sometimes these bastards make me ashamed to be labeled as Black. Screw it! I’m American and if anyone asks I’m frickin spanish. I’m done with the black race.

    • You’re right of course. And you’re of the 2% the blacks out there I’d trust to cover my 6. The other 98% voted for barry soetoero. You have my heartfelt condolences that you have been linked with this riff-raff simply because of your gentics.

    • Not sure it is a race thing in the first place…its a content of their character thing..I too am a veteran and have fought and served side by side with some very magnificant is truly a shame, How quick we are to blame that which can be touched tangibly, while being blinded so equitably by the great deciever who was able to make us believe that he didn’t exist.

  8. It is my understanding the Zimmerman was not WHITE. The black panthers just want to kill whites. This is why the “N” word is still alive and well today. Maybe the South had it right all along and Lincoln was wrong after all…………….

  9. I’m not white, but if I was white I would take this threat very serious.

    I would start profiling because they are from the black race and I’d start caring a gun and be ready to use it.

    Look at how many old white people have been abused by these cowards. One less thug, not law abiding blacks, the better this world will be.

      • make that “the blatantly racist, militant, STUPID blacks lost,(so as not to include the 2% who aren’t that stupid)

  10. Sounds like a threat to me!!! What is holder and obama going to do about this one????NOTHING nothing at all………………

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