Obama’s Easter Greetings Messages Over The Past Four Years; Missed Posting Greeting In 2011

We certainly know it is an election year because Obama is putting on his Christian face and heading to church on Sunday’s and even posting “Easter/Passover Greetings” on the White House website.

Message posted in 2009:

The video is titled “4/11/09: Your Weekly Address”

Uploaded by  on Apr 10, 2009

The President discusses the multitude of problems and opportunities before the world through the prism of Passover and Easter.


Message posted in 2010:

The video is titled “Weekly Address: Holiday Greetings”

Uploaded by  on Apr 2, 2010

In this week of Easter, Passover, and faithful celebration, the President uses his address to offer his holiday greeting and to call on people of all faiths and nonbelievers to remember our shared spirit of humanity.


Message posted in 2011:

The video is titled…  Hmmm???  That’s strange.  There is no Easter Greetings message posted for 2011.  Just the Easter Prayer Breakfast.  He must have been busy that week?  Maybe?

Uploaded by  on Apr 19, 2011

President Obama participates in an Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House. April 19, 2011.


Message posted in 2012:

The video is titled “President Obama’s Passover Message”

Uploaded by  on Apr 4, 2012

President Obama wishes a happy holiday to all those celebrating Passover.


Since it’s election year and he some how missed posting an Easter Greeting last year… he posted TWO THIS YEAR!  Wow!  How Christian like of him…  Or maybe he was just hoping that no one would notice the dates on the videos.

The video is titled “Weekly Address: Easter and Passover Greetings from President Obama”

Published on Apr 7, 2012 by 

President Obama offers his warmest greetings to all who are celebrating Easter and Passover this weekend, and reflects on the common thread of humanity that binds us all together.

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8 thoughts on “Obama’s Easter Greetings Messages Over The Past Four Years; Missed Posting Greeting In 2011

  1. well, i guess we all are on the same page on the issue of obama’s messeges. they all seem to stink….

  2. “…tomorrow my family will join Christians around the world…”

    Now, I could be wrong (It happened once before!), but it appears that he is using “weasel words” to say that they aren’t Christians without really lying. “…other Christians…” would have avoided this ambiguity.

  3. Beware! A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing…Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.” Happy Easter Sarah!

  4. Re: “Only to remove Christianity from this country if he gets reelected.”— if he had any such intention, it would already have been done. I suggest that we work on removing the hate from our systems.

  5. Christian beware! This Muslim Devil Obama is putting on a Christian cloak for the purpose of being reelected, nothing more.

    Only to remove Christianity from this country if he gets reelected.

    There is no spirituality in this oil skin snake that speaks with a fork tongue.

  6. You’re absolutely right Sarah. It’s an election year and [hopefully] the year he gets thrown out of office. That’s his reason for any of the things he says and does. The quintessential snake oil salesman.

  7. Satan also believes in GOD and in JESUS…obama and satan drink from the same cup….They both can lie threw there teeth and smile at you all at the same time….Think abou it!!!

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