Stay Tuned: Sheriff Joe 03/31/12 Press Conference Video Coming Soon!

Sheriff Joe Stay Tuned: Sheriff Joe Press Conference Video Coming Soon!

Posted from Western Journalism:

Last week, we announced that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is having a press conference on the 31st of March (today) at 1:30 pm. Both Sheriff Joe and his Cold Case Posse’s lead investigator Mike Zullo will be present. As many of you know, the mainstream media will give this important event virtually no treatment, so we here at Western Center for Journalism will be at the conference itself and will have a video up later today. Keep your eyes peeled, and please do tell your friends. When we publish our video later, please share it with your friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networks you may be a part of. Thank you, and may God continue to bless the United States of America!

Click here to watch the FULL VIDEO from Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s 03/31/12 Press Conference

13 thoughts on “Stay Tuned: Sheriff Joe 03/31/12 Press Conference Video Coming Soon!

    • What happened – has the dark side now taken over the web? I want to see the press conference footage…..

    • There are sources out there. If waiting for Sarah to post is taking too long to a search. In this case she’s now posted it. Go to her main page.

  1. I was disapointed that it was not streamed live today. Can’t seem to find much on the Web either – hmmmmm.

  2. What we have here is a USA under IMF conditionality and no one speaks of it. So Congress funds the IMF and should de-fund it too. However, the real question to be answered – Are we no different than Argentina was decades ago or are we with the World reserve currency immune? Why is it in our favor to push a three-way alliance between Russia-China-Iran when to do so puts China in charge of the Western Hemisphere by 2015? Who is the Ford Foundation’s Barry Soetoro anyway and why did his family dominate Pacific Rim and Asian micro lending for fifty years using CIA black gold funding after WWIII and the CIA’s overthrow of JFK’s ally Sukaro?

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