Finally! Congressman Starts Impeachment Process on Barack Hussein Obama

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Link to H.Con.R 107:

Finally someone has done what others have talked about for a long time! Started the impeachment process on the dictator of the United States!

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  4. By passing Congress and going to war without a declaration of war from them is an impeachable offense. Ignoring the constitution is an act of treason, also impeachable. Any President that abuses his power should be impeached.

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  7. I think its funny that people like r. Avalon think just because he is black he is above punishment for being a crappy leader and its not just him but he is the start and the begining of the dowfall to all the corruption that our government has i bet Avalon voted soly on skin color than politic stances its people like you that make race a problem still wah wah wah everyone is picking on the black man its not his skin color that makes him a moron its his bullcrap lying and politcs that make him a problem but lets just focus on skin color becuse its easy and the onlu defense any obama supporter has hes black

    • I think its sad that retards acually think he has done anything that is even remotley impeachable. Last I checked you couldn’t impeach a president just because you don’t like him…morons!

      • You are right I do not like him at all he plays the race card way to much and he plays the rich aginst the poor. He spends more time on the campaign trail than in the office or on vaction.How much money has he raised from the 1% he hates how much money has he given back to the pople he say’s he is fighting for. How much more smoke does he blow up the wazo of the liberals that belive him what has he done to improve the country and the peopls lives he is all about himself and protecting the 1% who give him money. now whom is the moron now ???

      • ok dcallday what is that he has actually done besides wipe his *** with the constitution and our cival rights. But for the sake of argument lets say he did do somthing for us you clearly beleive he did so what was it he did? he signed the NDAA. Do you know what that is? No one is wanting him impeached for “not liking him” I want him impeached for being a bad leader and before you go and say what about bush i think he should have been impeached a year into his 1st term. So again i Ask you what do you think he did?

        • of course no response from the obama man when it comes to facts all you see is black and thats the problem i could care less if he was black white yellow or blue but you do and your only point is hes black well dcallday the blackman screwed us all and your obamas b**** for believing it wait till the army occupys your town and locks your *** up for being a moron you think he cares about the black man or the white man he doesnt and by you not responding with the good things he has done for us you proved the point we are all trying to prove ill wait for you to google the NDAA and Marshal law and then come back with some stupid you hate him cuz he is black statement you clearly dont care about freedom or the price we are all going to have to pay so why post on there there are plenty of obama haters out there that hate him because he is black go to them you share the same racist beliefs they do your a moron black or white you should be ashamed to be an american see you when your knocking at my door begging for shelter when the army occupys your trailer park douche

        • So, just like George W. Bush did? Did you want him impeached? That’s why people think you’re bigots, either you’re okay with it or you’re not, the man who did it shouldn’t matter a whit.

        • Clearly Jane you didnt read most anything i wrote i wanted bush out of office a year into his presadency he sucked to republican or democrat they are all run by the same machine. You accuse me of being a biggot why am i biggot what racist thing did i say to earn the biggot role fact i even voted for obama i believed all his lies. So call me a biggot but what are you. I dont like his or any presadents abuse of power but according to you im not entitled to an opinion So il ask you the same question i asked the other closed minded butplug What did obama do that was so good for our country are you ok with the new stuff added to the NDAA obama care wont make it past the next presadent and thats fact so besides being black and pretending to give you free healthcare what has he done. oh ya and by the way also im black so does that make me a self hater becuse i dont support obama you helper monkeys need to get a better argument becuse its getting old black or white we all suffer from the country’s downfall but you know all

      • He has violated the War Powers Act and ignored two court orders to cease and desist implementing Obummercare until it is ruled constitutional. That’s just for starters. He has abused the presidential signing order to promote his socialist agenda. He has just violated the First Amendment rights of the Catholic church by mandating that they provide contraception and abortion services for free to their clients who accept healthcare from various Catholic charites, hospitals, etc. Then, when he’s called on it, he tries to shift the cost over to the insurers. DUH! They will pass the cost along to the Catholics.

        • Don’t forget, every time the courts overturn his stupidity, and there are at least three occasions…like the drilling moratorium, he just puts it back in place like he doesn’t have to follow the laws or the rulings. He better be gotten out soon, or he will become the permanent fixture. If you don’t think he is gaining power–hell, he doesn’t listen to anyone or anything but the puppet masters–give him another term in office and we have lost this country…

        • Link,

          I must compliment you on your photo. How did you get such an accurate depiction of the state of your soul?

      • Morons…Thank you for at least giving us credit for being as intelligent as a 12 year old. That is what the word moron means. Sheeple, on the other hand, does not afford as much a compliment of intelligence. It means got your head up your as*, blindly following the liar of the century into Socialism, without using your own mind to think or research the ample facts that are out there. He is a socialist. When you socialize all you touch, and every idea you have is socialist, you are a socialist….By definition, he is a Socialist. In his book, he claims to have been a socialist. In recent videos released of him, he is a
        socialist…and a racist. Him and Michelle both. I love how the left likes to call names…and here’s yours…you are Sheeple

      • Wow, dude. How far is your head up your azz? Where do you live that there’s no television, internet nor radio?? There are so many impeachable offenses on part of the Whitehouse Imposter that it would take me an hr. just to list them all. Let me guess, you’re one of those that believes if you say it often enough, you actually make it go away. Kinda’ like the Imposter’s admin., huh??? Idiot!

  8. How do you blame on man for the entire government failure?! He is a toy just like everyone else in the united states! It isn’t Obama we’re fighting it is the government as a whole!

    • Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest sock puppet of the international ruling elite that has ever been inserted into the White House. Yes, it is bigger than one man, but right now Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest sock puppet. Therefore, he is THE BIGGEST IMMEDIATE PROBLEM IN AMERICA.

      • So you kill Pinocchio, not the Puppet master? Show me one problem solving diagram that starts from the problem and works it way backwards rather than killing the source, and ill show you one that never works.

        • We must eliminate BOTH the puppetmasters and their puppets. It would be nice to be able to start with the puppetmasters and work our way down. But unless you can explain to us how we can vote out the puppetmasters, it appears that we have to focus on voting out their biggest sock puppet for the time being!

    • For years, there has been a problem, and then the Government became completely controlled by the Democrats. Not Democrats, Progressives calling themselves democrats. Progressives are what has taken over. If you know anything about the party, they were the American Socialist Party. Then, the Progressive Socialists, next Socialist Democrats, Then the Progressive Democrats. Obama calls himself Progressive, and Congress was controlled by the same. Anyone that calls them self Progressive, has socialist ideas…even McCain, who is a Republican, called himself a Progressive Republican. Before he said it, I didn’t realize the party was tainted by Socialism as well. Right now, it IS Obliviama we are fighting, and the Senate. Most of the House follows some common sense about budget control right now. And, most don’t want the Socialist Country we are being handed.

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  11. Good one Sarah, I love it when liberals get their knickers in a twist!! I think every thing else has been covered except the obvious that if anyone votes for the wretched traitor that resides in the WH again they pretty much committed treason the way I see it and that would also cover the congressmen that are known socialists. A vote against the constitution is a vote against America!!

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  13. I am happy to see that someone in Congress is taking the initiative to stand up for America’s Freedom that is being destroyed by the dictator in our government. This coercion should have never happened and hopefully, someday we will be able to have the proper respect given back to us as a Country and People.

  14. A House Concurrent Resolution only expresses the sentiment of that one body of the legislative branch of government. If passed there it will not be law. Wikipedia explains it pretty well. And will it even pass there?

  15. This Congressman is a frigging idiot. What WAR is he talking about? Libya was an action covered by War Powers Act. What else is there? Unless, of course, the War Powers Act does not cover our BLACK President Obama. It is no wonder that these insane Conservatives are losing.

        • If America ha any sense they would seek out the wisdom of a Thomas Sowell for President rather than this Cult-of-Personality. Sarah has an historical comparison between the life paths of Obama and Hitler posted somewhere. The comparison is nothing short of stunning.

        • Talon is right again. Barack Hussein Obama is struggling to become America’s Hitler. Adoph Hitler (who, by the way, was not a German –see the parallel?) used trickery and treachery to transform Germany from a parliamentary system with elected leaders into a totalitarian state with Hitler declared “Chancellor for Life”. One of Hitler’s tricks was to burn down the Reichstag building where the German parliament met, and blame it on the communists. Using that outside threat against the motherland, Hitler convinced the parliament to vote to permanently dissolve itself!

          Barack Hussien Obama has laid the groundwork for the first American dictatorship. If he gets a second term, I believe he will be able to complete his mission. Look for him to create an existential crisis, and then try to convince the Congress to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law until further notice. The German people didn’t wake up until it was too late. Will Americans repeat the history that they failed to learn a lesson from?

    • What a racist! Obama is only 12% black..he is also 38% Arab and 50% white. He is also not a legal president, because he IS NOT a Natural Born Citizen! He was NOT born in the U.S…Obama is a Muslim. If Obama was the president of the U.S. he would be the worst of the worst! Liberals are worthless, deluded, deceived, perverts!

      • Thanks for proving that guy’s point, you racist, bigoted *******! And before i get assulted by the inbred hick Talon’s Point, His guy IS a racist bigot! I read every single comment and they are disgusting pathetic!

        I knew this country was still racist, but not like this! I guess racism and hatred DOES make you stupid! It’s obvious why you want to impeach Obama. Because he’s black. Nothing more, Nothing less!

        I guess everyone forgot about the 8 years Bush was in office. It’s funny how nobody complained that that ******* drove our country and economy into a crap hole but we’ll sit and whine at every move Obama makes…

        As usual, I haven’t seen ONE ACTUAL reason of impeachment except of one! Because He’s Black! Because despite the apparent Republican candidate’s fascination with self-destruction, none of them want to put the nail in the crazy coffin.

        Obama has released TWO valid birth certificates from the State of Hawaii. Only racists and lunatics bring it up still.

        Turns out I got my answer after all. It is THAT bad having a black man as President of the United States!

        Birthers, like today’s cancervatives, are racist and Un American. They are also unpatriotic and traitors.

        • He signed NDAA which is in direct conflict with the Constitution. He is not enforcing FEDERAL laws. As far as the war powers act, you might want to review it. He needs Congressional support after 90 days which he did not get. He is about to send us into Syria. Him and Paneta have both said they don’t need approve of Congress (in clear violation of the current setup of checks/balances and the Constitution) I don’t dislike him because of his skin color, I dislike him due to his stupidity.

        • And you are an idiot! Read Shrf. Arpaio’s Cold Case report. Now I suppose that you’ll say that he and his squad are racist. Me thinks thou doth protest too much. Get your head out of your azz, idiot!

      • I have to laugh- He wasn’t born in the U.S because his last name is Muslim? Are you serious? Maybe you need to do a little research on that “theonethatknows” I have sat back and read these posts and this one by far is the most ridiculous. Where is the proof, please please show me, where is the proof that he is not a natural born citizen!

        • Read Shrf. Arpaio’s Cold Case Inv. report for a start ding dong! They already have enough to prove that his BC was a forgery that even a retard could comprehend.

    • oh, wise one , we are NOT losing. We the people are winning, the Tea Party is coming for u progessive socialist haters of freedom. U are the real race haters in the U.S.A. I really feel sorry for u that all u see is the color of one’s skin and not the content of the actions.

    • Whose the idiot? Look at yourself in the mirror. I guess that’s why Congressman Kucinich and 7 other congressmen were ready to start impeachment proceedings against the Imposter for the same thing. And he is in the same party as they are! The only thing that kept them from doing so was Pelosi went to work on them, so they backed off. By the way, idiot, the War Powers Act mandates that after 90 days in a military event, you must go before Congress to obtain permission to continue. The Imposter was too important to have to mess with that. GUILTY!!!

    • We’re not losing, you are.
      Makes no matter to me whatsoever, however, your CHARACTER MEANS EVERYTHING.
      Have I simplified it sufficiently for you ?

    • Avalon, Obama violated the War Powers Act by having US military involved in Libya for too long without Congressional approval. Get your facts straight before sticking your foot in your mouth.

    • It was covered for 60 days…The Congress kept asking for the REPORT of how long an involvement. After 60 days from the date he told Congress he was sending troops, they have to be out. Looks like your “BLACK” President thumbed his nose at CONGRESS and the PEOPLE one too many times… And, it’s HIGH TIME he was impeached for HIGH CRIMES>>>that Libyan action was only ONE of many. They’ve been scared to act for fear of being called racists…just like YOU insinuate. It is about following the laws of the Country…not color. He has skirted them one too many times…LOL

      • Enlighten me please on the other High Crimes. I am not even sure if the information that we have is accurate. It is just a bunch of crap being thrown out there just to stir things up, but hey, whatever keeps you guys on your toes and helps you sleep at night.

        • Try not protecting the citizens along the border from an invading force ie; Illegal aliens, Mex. Cartel drug mules and rip crews, the like that killed our BP agt.. Maybe Fast and Furious rings a bell. How about oper. Drug Walker and WhiteGun? Geez, I could go on for another couple of pages. At last count there was 28 charges of possible Treason. Are you just now waking up?? Maybe you’ve been living in the Outback somewhere.

    • Barack Hussein Obama switches back and forth between playing up his black half and his white half depending on which one he can gain political mileage out of at any particular time. But the problem is not whether Barack Hussein Obama is black or white. The problem is that Barack Hussein Obama is the most evil, corrupt and subversive president in American history. That’s the bottom line, and no amount of race-baiting by his boot-lickers can change that truth.

  16. This is more of a warning than Articles of Impeachment- what it would mean is that if Obama commits troops for any reason besides the immediate defense of the US, without notifying Congress as required under the War Powers Act, then the House would automatically commence impeachment proceedings.. Libya would not apply because Congress belatedly approved his actions..

    It should shoot the hell out of the concept of not needing Congressional approval just because the UN says it’s OK–

      • That depends on the backbone existing in Congress.
        The bill hasn’t been passed yet to my knowledge, only introduced.
        Nothing substantial has happened yet.


    • So what made that bigoted congressman assume that President Obama was going to commit troops anywhere? It is a case of another Republican taking a giant leap from fantasy into insanity.

      • So somebody is bigoted because he/she disagrees with Obozo’s policies? And regarding your other comment, I believe Odummer is headed for one of the worst defeats in history because of his asinine policies that are destroying the country.

        • I wish I held your enthusiasm. As I see it the right side of the political spectrum is waking up but would have voted for anyone but Obama anyway. They left is in full fledge idol worship so regardless of the fact that their gas prices will have risen 150% and their food prices 70%, their liberties suppressed at an exponential rate and their privacy eroded drastically they will leave the voting booth enraptured with joy. That leave the 20-40% moderates depending on polls (I believe its still closer to 20.) Now factor in the SEIU thugs taking over voting systems, Obama donors owning the newest voting machines and more importantly the software, mix in dead and illegals voting in increase numbers and you have a 10% swing in any given state. Fight on we must but sadly we aren’t addressing the coming vote theft.

      • Do you even listen to what is coming out of the WH? They have pretty much said (Peneta on video saying) they do not need to get Congressional approval(violation of Constitution). But hey, atleast they can kidnap Americans or kill them without worrying about that whole Constitution thing.

    This is a great news for Americans, the sun will shine again in this United States. I have being praying for this day for a long time; I confess I voted for Obama because I believe in his BS, I trusted him but he bray me and the millions that voted for him, but thanks to his betrayal I start to research about what the Washington culture of corruption is doing to our country and the hard working people that made this country the best in the world. Fellow Americans we must impeach this traitor and take our country back, this November we must clean Washington cesspool of corrupt politicians and the main stream news media that fail to report the truth to the American people. In case you don’t know we have a ruling class that control this corrupt government and we must destroy so they can not destroy us and our country.
    Any politician that fail to support this Bill H.CON Res – 107 to impeach Obama will be mark for retirement and label as traitor. Every one in Washington knows what is going on, so it is not excuses, Send letters to your congressmen and Senators and demand the impeachment of Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, they all are traitors.
    God Bless America, and our people that have the will to stand for freedom.

    • Que Dios te bendiga! It’s not often that we get Hispanics coming out and speaking against the Tyranny. I know that there are many, especially in our military, as I had the honor of serving with a few. With the likes of La Raza and Mecha, all the media ever talks about is their crap. Too often, we don’t hear from those of Hispanic descent that are true patriots and are abhorred by the likes of the radical left. Good job, sir.

    • Keep in mind that the house votes to impeach but the senate is the body that convicts.
      Harry Reid will not allow that to happen.
      However, if the house does start proceedings to impeach, it could be the diversion we need to pull Obama off his game plan.
      Watch out for the racist flamethrowers to come out of the woodwork.
      This could possibly be ‘game on Obama’.

      • Maybe… it will take some time…? If it waits til after the Election, and we control the Senate, he could be convicted. Something is up, and he knows it is coming. The US Gov job sites are hiring for “all” positions for those FEMA camps. What is the need to staff them all of a sudden? They have been sitting empty for all this time…

      • There were ample reasons to hold such hearings, especially since the 2010 elections instead republicans set on their thumbs. Acting now will only look political and gain him sympathy with the ignorant and fire up his base even more thus playing into his hands. The window has closed. Now the goal at the national level must be to maintain the House and take the Senate so as to at least cage this Tasmanian pResident in coming years if not remove him later.

    • Dear voteforamerica,

      I have been waiting for so long to hear a confession like yours from former Obama supporters. It is such a joy to hear you speak the truth from deep in your soul, that you were deceived and that you are now awake. You are a great person, and I would feel honored to know you. If only the vast majority of former Obama voters would break free from his deceit and come home to the truth, there would be great rejoicing both on earth and in heaven!

      You have made my day! Thanks, and God bless you.

      • I agree, Al. It is such a blessing to hear that there are people out there who were once supporters of Obama but have woken up to his lies.

        Thank you voteforamerica!!! You have made my day too! :D

    • I certainly hope and pray that you are convincing your fellow Hispanic friends, their friends, families, and more. The man lied to you. He continues to lie to you. And, he targets the poor and the minorities with promises he has no plan to fulfill. He believes he can woo you…that you are ignorant and so desperate that you will vote for him again. I see that you are not… thank God, and my he Bless You.

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