Rush sincerely apologizes to Ms. Sandra Fluke and explains why

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6 thoughts on “Rush sincerely apologizes to Ms. Sandra Fluke and explains why

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  2. Sincerely? Really? You mean sincerely worried after even many on the right denounce him? After the wave of letters and phonecalls? After advertizers start dropping him?

    Sincerely? like his continued attacks in the days following the initial event? Sincerely? As in blaming the liberals?

    Sincerely? As in taking no responsibility for the vitriolic attacks? As in merely blaming it on a “poor choice of words?

    Rush has time and time again proving he is a hypocrite. And just like with his oxycontin addiction and bust, he will do whatever he has to to weasel out of hot water so he return to being the …… that he is.

    For those that actually want to read the “heartfelt” apology:

      • Distasteful? yes. But to even try and compare these comments to the vile hatred and vitriol exhibited in Rush’s initial attack and his subsequent defense is disingenuous at best.

        Rush took things to a whole other level.

        (and for the record- I have no idea who two of the guys are- and have seen maybe a total of an hour of maher in my life. I watch/read/study news- not the entertainment and propaganda that has become news in america.)

        • Oh please? Would you like to me to provide the VERY long list of republican commentators and pundits who have similar comments as the liberal ones you mentioned, without repercussions. The tone of Rushs attack was something extremely rarely seen.

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