MUST SEE VIDEO! Newt Debates

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While I agree that a hypothetical illustration of Newt, the undisputed king of modern political debates, debating Obama is a good idea, I felt the campaign version could have and should have been stronger, because it is an absolutely legitimate case to make – confirmed by the biggest and brightest conservative superstars who have walked the walk and support Newt – that as the GOP nominee Newt would clean Obama’s political clock like no one else could in a debate. After a few debates Obama would be rubble, and that is what we need – Obama simply cannot be elected to a second term.

Newt Gingrich is far and away the best hope for American financial solvency, having balanced the federal budget as Speaker 4 years in a row – an unheard-of historic accomplishment. . He is also the most accomplished, experienced and has the solid-gold-standard of conservative endorsements including Michael Reagan, Sarah Palin said she would vote for Newt over the others and her husband formally endorsed Newt, Texas Gov Rick Perry, Herman Cain, J.C. watts, Fred Thompson, The American Thinker magazine (one of the all-time conservative standards), Newsmax, Laura Ingraham, most Tea Party leaders and Tea Party groups, Reagan’s former financial guru Art Laffer , the list is almost endless – no one comes even close in terms of the number and quality of Newt’s endorsements. Those people rose to prominence above all others on their own accomplishments and know what Newt will do as president and how he can perhaps be the only one who can win, and will do it through the debate stage where his brilliant solutions and withering and entirely successful attacks against Obama will decimate Obama’s re-election chances.

This video is just under 5 minutes long. We only have one chance to get this nomination done right. Spread this video around and enjoy!

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