Operation Fast And Furious Investigation ... Slow And Not So "Furious"

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Here is the latest news that I could find about how the investigation into Operation Fast And Furious is proceeding: Is Congressman Darrell Issa Wimping Out? by Doug Book

During the past week a number of Operation Fast and Furious watchers have been celebrating the notion that Congressman Darrell Issa’s February 14th letter to Eric Holder represents a last chance, comply or else, final offer to the gangster Attorney General.

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5 thoughts on “Operation Fast And Furious Investigation ... Slow And Not So "Furious"

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  4. Our precious congress is inundated with a montage of issues that require their attention.
    They are being deflected at every turn by the Obama administration’s attempts to usurp the law concerning Fast and Furious.
    Couple that with the Maxine Waters pending ethics investigation and the fact that if they don’t nail her as the crook that she is, she will take over Barney Franks’ seat on the banking committee.
    WOW, now that is remarkable. (despicable).

    I wouldn’t be surprised that the baggage all of these people hold determines the expediency with which they prosecute the crooks that infest the halls of congress.
    Pelosi has said that she has ‘dirt’ on Gingrich.
    There’s dirt on all of them, however, our Country is at stake.

  5. I watched the original Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland last weekend. A wonderful film! If it wasn’t for the movie’s age, I would have guessed that Darryl Issa was playing the Cowardly Lion!

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