What's the Buzz on the Alaskan Islands Given to Russia?

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I posted a similar article yesterday, but didn’t have all the details. Filed under WTF! Obama Gives Seven Alaska Islands To Russia. This is the same article, only the full article – including the addendum explaining that this issue is NOT NEW!


Exclusive: Joe Miller sounds alarm over deal to put land in hands of Putin’s Kremlin…

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A huge thanks to Barb for finding this story!

14 thoughts on “What's the Buzz on the Alaskan Islands Given to Russia?

  1. What is this i hear about Obama haveing a army called the Brown Shirts ? ? I wonder what countries are sponsering or giving him money to help with his running for president ? We need more people to run for president,theres nothing to chose from. IF YOU DONT VOTE YOU WILL LET ANYTHING WIN. VOTE FOR ONE OR THE OTHER DONT JUST NOT VOTE.. Dont we have the right to impeach ? Can’t we impeach him for GIVING AWAY OUR LAND ?

  2. We have corrupt immoral professional political mafia type politicians representing us in BOTH parties. We the People must pay attention to who they are and Vote them out of office. Giving away American territory is NOT acceptable be either party. Doesn’t matter who’s doing it, it must be stopped.

    Obama keeps getting called out because almost everyday in the news there seems to be a new anti US Constitution move by him and/or his selected (not elected) Bureaucrats. He continues to say (promise) one thing and does another. Follow what he does (his actions) not the sweet talk he gives. The man has not earned our trust and continues to waste our resources.

  3. Nobody with a whit of discernment needs to “villify” Obama. He has provided more than enough reasons to be impeached, all except the background info he sealed to prevent discovery. He learned from Nixon – - “I gave them a sword, and they slew me with it”. He is going to give it in your face in spades and knows you will take it.

  4. The islands don’t and have never belonged to the USA or Alaska. I oppose obama for many reasons. But I detest slanderous lies about anybody.

    “If one has to lie to make a point, then they really don’t have a point”

  5. Obama has stopped American oil in the Gulf while offering Brazil and others the money to drill and sell to us. Obama himself said he wanted to put the coal industry and coal fired electric plants out of business. He said prices will have to be necessarily high. Obama likes to give money to criminals like Solendra for wind mills and other fake energy scams. They go broke soon after they get the money and the taxpayer is on the hook. Obama is a criminal and needs to be arrested and charged, right awy.

  6. This article by Joe Miller conveniently neglects to mention all of the Republican involvement in the secret negotiations, signed agreements, support for the giveaway, etc. What about Kissinger, Ford, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, James Baker, who were all in office while these secret negotiations and signed agreements were supposedly transpiring? Miller doesn’t give a history of the situation because it doesn’t suit his agenda. Miller starts off blaming Obama in the title of his article, “Obama Giveaway.” He blames him for postponing Keystone XL, or “effectively killed the pipeline” as he says. He states Obama has an “apparent war” against U.S. energy independence and “Obama’s State Department is giving away seven ….. Alaskan islands.” Then Miller omits pertinent information as to when and how and most importantly, WHO negotiated agreements, boundaries, etc concerning these islands. Who is Miller insinuating committed these dastardly deeds if not Obama and his administration? This controversy has been going on for about 35 years, starting when Kissinger negotiated with Russia starting in January of 1977. I looked at several maps and all of them placed all of these islands on the Russian side of the maritime boundary that we agreed to years ago. None of these islands were included in the Alaska purchase, read the treaty. All are in close proximity to the Russian shore, far away from our Alaskan mainland. Just because some American landed on any of the islands well over 100 years ago and “claimed” them for the U.S., doesn’t mean they belong to us. Do you seriously believe Russia didn’t consider them their property already? They are all just off their mainland! Since the negotiations were supposedly secret, we don’t know what we might have gotten in return, if anything. After researching this situation at great length, I see no hope of claiming possession of these islands. I couldn’t find a single map that showed any of these islands belonging to Alaska or the United States. I couldn’t find a government website that listed any of these islands as U.S. possessions. All the maps showed these islands as Russian property. I don’t believe we inhabit a single one of these islands in any way. The only info I could find on Americans inhabiting any island was 13 or so people about 90 years ago. The Russians removed them and I can’t find any info suggesting the U.S. complained about an invasion on our soil. If Bush 1, Bush 2 and Dick “Halliburton” Cheney, all oilmen, couldn’t find a way to claim these islands while they were in office, I see no hope, because I’d bet money they looked into it. This is just another wild goose chase, made to enrage those who just need any reason to vilify President Obama.

    • The “Alaskan Islands” business aside; are you trying to say that Obama isn’t waging a war against fossil fuel (oil, it’s derivatives, and coal)? By the way, I don’t need any reason to vilify Obama, he does just fine on his own. One only needs to listen and remember the statements he makes and has made.

      • Steve: Exactly. When there’s so much truly wrong with Obama, I’m not exactly sure why misleading stuff like this keeps coming up.

    • Regardless of who is involved in this giveaway (if that’s what it actually is), I have a novel idea: How about if important matters like this be required to go through Congress, and that the American people be given a chance to learn the issues behind these and lobby their elected representatives on what actions to take? I’m getting a little tired of dictatorship in the Land of the Free!

    • To whom it may concern,

      I don’t like Obama and it would be give me pleasure to find fault of his here. However, your explanation of this was so so good and detailed that it all makes sense to me. Thank you for putting down these thoughts for people to think about. It’s nice to know there are still rational people in this countr. Ken

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