Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama

Boy oh boy… talk about being a race divider.

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Join African Americans for Obama:https://my.barackobama.com/afampotusvid

Today, we’re announcing the 2012 launch of African Americans for Obama.

There’s no better time than African American History Month to consider the tremendous progress we’ve made through the sacrifice of so many—or a better time to commit to meeting the very real challenges we face right now.

Visit africanamericans.barackobama.com for more information about all the ways you can get involved—from attending HBCU organizing workshops to becoming a Congregation Captain—and say you’re ready to keep making history. Thanks, and see you out there.

5 thoughts on “Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama

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  2. I appreciate Mr Obama’s comments as an American citizen exercising his First Amendment entitlement to free speach. What I do NOT appreciate is the President of the United States using his office and his race to promote a political cause. This is a travesty. As a Nation, all citizens should rise up as one and tell this man that his continued abuse of the Office of our Commander In Chief is wrong in every sense. If Mr. Obama desires to make and promote political advertisements, posting them on UTube, then Mr. Obama should not give the impression that these videos are made in the White House. Mr. Obama should make it very clear that he is speaking as a citizen and not as President of the United States. Additionally, I encourage all African Americans to stop promoting their racial heritage as something very special. United States citizenship is special, not whether one is red, yellow, black or white.

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