My opinion about the Florida primary results and moving forward

First of all, I am THROUGH with Fox News!!!  Fair and Balanced my #$$!!!  Karl Rove is just like Stephanopolous(sp?) in my opinion.

Anyways… so Romney won Florida.  But, it’s not over yet.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction that I think will happen in the weeks ahead.

I read on Breitbart’s website that Donald Trump will be making a big endorsement in the near future.  Something tells me that he is going to endorse Newt Gingrich.  Why?

  1. Do you remember the Sarah Palin and Donald Trump pizza date in NY months ago?  I feel like Trump may endorse Newt like Palin has done.
  2. Do you remember the Trump debate that ended up never happening?  Only Newt and Santorum agreed to participate.  Romney refused.

I realize that Trump recently praised Romney for doing well in the last two debates.  And I could be way wrong about all of this.  But, figured that I would just put the thought out there and see what everybody else thinks.

46 states to go…

12 thoughts on “My opinion about the Florida primary results and moving forward

  1. I Agree, This Stink’s!

    Now that being said, What else did you expect from Ann Colter, Who Wanted chrisie and Romney to begin with? Now the RINO’s All don’t like Newt, They say they Know where his Baggage is, Hoever i believe it is the Other Way around, Includin Palosi, Ried, and, Obama.
    But don’t let that get in the way of FACTS! Obama nor his Lawyers would show up in Court in Georgia.
    Why? Now with all the other States going for the Refusal to have Obamm on the Ballots, Where is their Best chance to have their way? Rob0Obama-nbot! if fn First place to placate the Democrats, Indipendaents and all the Far Left Loons and Goon in Congress and the Senate.
    They MUST CRUSH the TEA PARTY> WHy? They Don’t want to be Held Accountable, For their Aquiecense to The DNC to put Obama on the Ballot. Period.
    They know the Abuse of Power they used, along with the Document Signed, Sealed and Not Delivers are the Smoking Gun that will Sing Them and Obama. Meanwhile back at the OK Coral, and the Court of JUSTICE, We eagerly Await the Results. Stand by Ladies and Gentlmen, You Ain’t Seen NOTHING YET!

    Here is to a Full Blown Route of All the Rino’s and the Entire DNC when the
    TEA PARTY COMES TO TOWN AGAIN! Allen West Laid down the Gauntlet!

    Go Newt! with West VP, or maybe Santorum if he would Serve with Newt. We Need a Boxer that can get Down in the Mud and Blood of this Campaign. Santorum is too timid in my Opinion, But maybe the Infighting and Counterpunch is still coming from him too. We All know what they do the the Front Runner in any case from either Party. Sic and Tired of it is what Rush said.
    I say DITTO!
    Forge Ahead!

  2. I think you’re right Sarah. What I don’t like about Romney (all right………..just one or two things I don’t like……….heh heh)………being a former governor of one of the most liberal states in the union………… conservative could he be??? He hasn’t mentioned anything about his 2nd Amendment stance, but it’s no secret that he’s against. Having said that much, I’m still prepared to cast my vote for whoever get’s the GOP nomination…………….but I’d feel a lot better voting for Newt.

    • Well at least you were being “conservative” with your criticisms of the GOP establishment’s choice candidate. Pun intended. ;)

      You are exactly right! How the heck could a REAL conservative EVER win in the bluest of blue states?!?!?!

      I suggest everyone use a little bit of common sense while voting. STOP LISTENING TO THE SO-CALLED POLITICAL EXPERTS!!! They are all puppets! Think people… THINK!!!

  3. I definitely agree with you. If something strange happens, and America loses it’s mind and allows Romney to win the nomination, we are in big trouble. I have to think that the only reason the Republican establishment is pushing Romney on us is because they believe they can control him like a puppet. I would be forced to vote for Romney in the hopes that we could survive his one and only term a bit easier than Obama’s second, but it really goes against my beliefs and principles to vote for Romney.

    We really need Newt right now! He is the only one who has the courage to tell the nation what we really need to hear. The Truth about what is happening to our beloved nation!! Having spent the first years of my life serving in the Air Force, I retired in 1995. It is truly sad that Obama has the awesome responsibility of being Commander in Chief.

    • Another reason we are getting Romneyized twenty-four hours a day is that the media, like always, want two liberals to vie for the presidency. They always push the most liberal “Republican”; that way, come November, no matter who wins, socialism moves forward. Furthermore, with two liberals heading the ballot, many conservatives will not bother to vote at all, leaving the lefties with a much better chance of gaining huge majorities in congress as well as many state positions.

  4. Thank you I have been saying this for awhile now we are being force feed to vote for Romney. The GOP power brokers are as bad as the DNC. Hey did we just see a post with Soros Telling us the Romney was not that different for Obummer. This election needs to be decide by the Tea Party……Will they back Newt????

    Personally I would go for a Military coo with Allen West as commander in chief Then round up all the RINOs and Liberal Dems and tar and feather them. And make them sit through a modeling of M Obummers 50K of sexy under-ware she just bought. But then That is just me

  5. All of you made a very good case and I agree with all of you and I might add given the numbers that Newt carried 32% and Santorum carried 14% so that is a dead tie for true conservatives in Fla. but when you throw in SC and the rest I say Newt can win but we can’t blink, keep on pushing Newt. RP supporters probably will not support Romney and I don’t know if they would support Newt but God willing we can help convince them, they are a dedicated lot and that is what America needs is a true dedication.

  6. I agree also. I would also add that the more we do to take control of Congress and the states the more we ensure control of the government. I do NOT think Romney can beat Obama, the other two can. But if we have good conservative veto proof majorities in Congress, we can pretty much slow the decline.

  7. The first fallacy is that Newt Gingrich is a solid, reliable conservative. Time after time Gingrich himself has proven that to be false. He renegged on the most important promises in his Contract With America. Those include term limits and a balanced budget constitutional amendment. Newt also has a history of supporting the global warming hoax, the carbon cap & trade tax, a national healtlh care mandate, amnesty for illegal aliens, gun control legislation, and taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Some conservative!

    The second fallacy is that Newt Gingrich is the tea party candidate. Some memories need to be jogged here. As recently as the 2010 election Gingrich was supporting RINOs against tea party conservative candidates in primaries, and was using his PAC to help RINOs beat conservatiives. And has everyone forgotten the famous 2009 NY 23 congressional race already? Newt endorsed Dede Scozzafava, a radical leftist RINO and homosexual “rights” activist. The tea parties supported solid conservatave Doug Hoffmann, who mounted an independent challenge to Scozzafava and her Democrat opponent. Newt Gingrich attacked the tea party partiots for backing Doug Hoffmann. Now Gingrich is touting himself as the tea party candidate. HOG WASH!

    The third fallacy is that Gingrich is, as he puts it, “the legitimate heir to the Reagan Revolution”. That’s more malarkey. When Reagan was president Newt’s support of Reagan’s agenda was erratic. There were Blue Dog Democrats in congress who were more reliable supporters of Reagan’s agenda than Newt.

    The forth fallacy is that Newt Gingrich is the true conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. As I have shown already, Newt is not a consistent conservative. The most consistent conservative in this race is Rick Santorum. His record in the Senate proves that. And unlike Gingrich, Rick Santorum walks it like he talks it. Santorum is a devoted father and loyal husband. While Newt was out philandering behind the backs of his first 2 wives, Santorum was raising a beautiful family with his one and only wife. True conservatives live the values that they preach. Character counts in a president. Santorum has it, and Gingrich doesn’t have it.

    The fifth fallacy is that only Newt Gingrich has the debating skills to beat Barack Obama. That has been proven false. Gingrich’s performance in the 2 Florida debates was lackluster, and he was soundly beaten by both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. I think Rick Santorum was the winner of both debates. Therefore, if we are looking for the conservative who can most effectively debate Barack Obama, it is Rick Santorum. And as a bonus, Rick Santorum doesn’t have any of Gingrich’s personality flaws. Rick is a genuine person, a straight shooter and a person who avoids boastfulness, hot air and temper tantrums.

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