#NotMitt Ad : Rebellion

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12 thoughts on “#NotMitt Ad : Rebellion

    • Amen Sarah, now if Fla. will kick off the shackles of the old guard reps. and get with Newt we may have a real shot. I even heard this morn if Romney doesn’t win Fla. they may try and run Daniels or McDaniels??? Just barely caught it. They don’t like Newt because THEY can’t control him, that is all the MORE reason to get behind him in my book!!

      • I just saw Ed Rollins on Fox and Friends, and he said the establishment is going to go after Newt hard. That just shows they don’t care what the people want. They’re no different than Obama in that regard. Sad.

        • This is the very reason why “We the People” MUST stick together and show the “establishment” that they do not choose the candidate for US.

          Mitt Romney could never defeat Barack Obama. He is so afraid that he might answer a question in a way that might “offend” some of the voters. If you believe in something… just say you do. Don’t just change your tune by the tone of your audience. Romney needs to realize that he will never be able to please everybody.

        • I have seen Romney be tough with the media and stick to his guns under fire. The difference is that his does it in a rational manner and doesn’t self-detonate like Nuke Gingrich. :)

          Newt’s propensity to explode at the media plays well with conservative voters in the primaries, but it won’t play well with the broad electorate in November.

  1. After SC tonight, with Newt ousting Mitt from His High Horse, and Santorum
    Entering third, and Paul out of the FOUR-Uhmmmm!

    Let’s Get behind him and Go for the Goal Line. Remove This Thug-O-crazy Obama and
    All His Czars and Illegal Appointments, From the NLRB to the Supreme Court, from Office!

    Meanwhile let Newt open up the can of worms in this administration, Root out all
    Of the Czars and Tsarista’s in ever branch, Nook and Cranny they attempt to Crawl,
    or Slither or try to hide in.

    Let Newt Get rid of All Executive Orders, For All Dept’s of Homeland Security, TSA, BATF, DOJ and
    Dept of State, and EPA Then, the Groundwork Done get the House in Order, But the
    Congress and the Senate have to be rebuilt too. Don’t Forget Local and State Offices either!

    Then Maybe He can Accomplish With Conservative, Constitutionalists that Can and Will,
    Follow through Under their Sworn Oath of Office to Protect and Defend the Constitution,
    And this Nation from All Enemies Foreign or Domestic!

    I think that Rick would make a Very good VP, with 4 years to Train up, get his
    foundation as the Next in the Line for the Office.
    And then Run in 2016!

  2. For those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to support Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum is the only viable alternative. He sticks to his guns, and is strong and steady without being angry and volatile. That is in stark contrast to Newt Gingrich, who is a time bomb waiting for the worst possible moment to explode. Rick Santorum, because of his positive qualities, has a chance to beat Barack Hussein Obama. But the opinion polls are showing that Newt Gingrich has the highest negatives of all the candidates — yes, even higher than Obama’s! Newt has always been one of the most controversial and divisive politicians in America. The general public is even more wary of Gingrich than they are of Obama, and therefore Gingrich simply has no chance of winning in the general election. I hope South Carolinians carefully consider that and exercise good judgment when they vote.

    • I just want someone who’s not afraid to go after Obama or the media, and Newt fits that bill. I’m torn. He wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I love the way he goes after the media, and he would never back down from Obama. Some of these others are just too nice, and won’t fight as hard as Gingrich. I’m still hoping for Palin. We need her!

      • I agree that we need a nominee who will stand up to the media. And I agree that Newt does that better than any candidate. But the problem is that our nominee also has to be able to win the general election. I can’t bear the thought of 4 more years of Barack Hussein Obama!

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