Oregon Food Stamps Used For Starbucks Frappuccinos

http://ur1.ca/6baf9 From FoxNews | Oregon Trail Cards — which are part of the state’s food stamp program — can be used to purchase luxury coffee concoctions at Starbucks counters inside grocery stores, investigators from Fox 12 in Oregon have discovered. With the help of Jackie Fowler, who has a “supplemental nutrition card” or Oregon Trail Card, Fox 12 visited an in-store Starbucks within a Safeway in the town of Salem. Fowler purchased a tall Frappuccino and a slice of pumpkin bread — and paid for both using her Oregon Trail card.

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8 thoughts on “Oregon Food Stamps Used For Starbucks Frappuccinos

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  3. Awesome. This whole food stamp thing just chaps my a**. Not only can they use this stuff for basically anything, and they eat better than the middle class working stiffs, purchasing filet mignon and lobster, but stores take advantage of the program too. The grocery and convenience stores in low income areas charge more for their items than other stores. You would think they would be cheaper, but they’re not, because the food stamp recipients don’t care what it costs. They pay no attention to it…it’s not their money. So stores get away with charging higher prices. BS!

    • I agree that convenience stores are notorious for charging way too much for their products. Where I live (a small country town) we have 2 convenience stores and a Dollar General. That’s it! The closest “grocery store” is almost 10 miles away. Thank God for the Dollar General. Before they built it, people that had no way to drive to the grocery store were having to do their shopping at these convenience stores. In that situation, I cannot be upset with the welfare recipients, but the convenience store owners instead.

      • Absolutely. That is definitely the fault of the store owners. But here, we’re downtown in a big city. It’s not like they’re aren’t any other places to shop. There are stores everywhere. I’ve been in CVS, Walmart, and other stores that are considered discount type grocery stores, and they all do it. I actually complained about it to CVS, and basically got a “sorry for your luck” response. I refuse to go there anymore.

        • Wow! That is crazy. All I can say is… the whole system needs to be changed. It is one of the most wasteful ways money is spent in our entire government.

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