Actor Orlando Jones: Liberals Need to Kill Sarah Palin

Actor Orlando Jones on Saturday celebrated the death of Libya‘s Moammar Gaddafi by taking to his Twitter account and calling for American liberals to kill Sarah Palin.

“Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin” (image via Sad Hill News):

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9 thoughts on “Actor Orlando Jones: Liberals Need to Kill Sarah Palin

  1. Orlando is just another Hollywood moron that is a legend in his own mind , if they would all act instead of shooting off their mouthes it would be a better world. Steve I would be willing to give it up out there but I am fairly sure Mexico couldn’t pay the up keep, but then we can’t either.

  2. We should give CA back to Mexico………………with the stipulation that they also take the Hollywood pinheads.

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